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Birthdate:Aug 18
My name is Juushika, Juu, or Jessica; I'm a 30-year-old more-or-less-female living in Oregon, USA.

My journal is currently unlocked, although some select and many older entries are locked. Feel free to add me, and do please say hello. My journal is a home for a large number of reviews (primarily book reviews), updates on my daily life, and thoughts on my passions and pastimes. I tend towards length and overthought. Occasionally I post picspams, usually of my cats; I resize and cut images. As of November 2011, all images posted on my Flickr will have disability-accessible image descriptions on that site; click through to read them. My posts are carefully tagged, which may be a good way to introduce yourself to my journal.

Friends are always welcome, and lurkers are too. Comment if you wish. I tend to comment only when I have something worthwhile to say. I will likely continue to be more active on LiveJournal than Dreamwidth.

Books are first love: I'm a voracious reader (always fiction, never high fantasy, often fantasy and scifi, with a love of obscure subgenres and classics, and of Shakespeare) and I review most of what I read. I love to discuss books and welcome recommendations and fellow readers.

My other interests include gaming (often JRPGs and indie titles; see my gaming tumblr for oh so much more), anime/manga, and the arts; I collect and occasionally review BPAL. I'm an animal lover, and live with three cats and one dog with one more cat and dog in my extended family. I'm in a committed relationship with my high school boyfriend, who I love dearly and who makes my life possible.

I live with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia; I have a history of self-harm. These topics may or may not appear on my journal, but I'm always willing to talk about them. I'm largely housebound, and defined by my mental health issues—but I'm at peace with that, and happier now than I have been in a long time.

Other potentially relevant details: I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ/P. I'm largely atheistic, despite desires to the contrary. I'm a domestic house cat therian. I have chronic, degenerating lower back pain caused by lordosis. I have red hair, and I'm vain about it. Sometimes I disappear from a given social media for months at a time, often without warning. I'm bi/pansexual, liberal, vegetarian, and childfree. These topics may or may not appear in my journal, but it's a start.

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My contact information (can't see it? want to? just ask).
My email: juushika AT gmail DOT com.

See my: book reviews, BPAL reviews, video game reviews, anime reviews, manga reviews, and play reviews.
Read my fanfics (Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, others) or my Sims 3 story of Ghost and Aaron.

Browse my journal via my tags.

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My Tumblr, where I liveblog video games.
My Flickr.
My Amazon profile.
TitleHere.Net, my out-of-date website for my web design, photography, and writing.
Juushika and Possession at deviantART.
One More SL, my Second Life fashion blog which is currently on hiatus.
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