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This is the last Lipstick Jungle post, I swear it. But in the numerous posts detailing exactly why the book is half laughable and half horrific, I didn't address—at least, not in near enough detail—the sex scenes in Lipstick Jungle. So I'll do so, before I return the book to the library and never think of it again.

And I'm crossposting it to [livejournal.com profile] weepingcock, snark home of the worst sex scenes ever written. You should check out the community—it's a real gem, and this finally gives me a chance to join it.

Bushnell loves adverbs, and she loves her thesaurus. There are no velvet-sheathed iron rods in her book, but there are words that made me pause and look them up in a dictionary, to make sure they were what I thought they were. The resulting book is a midgrade evil: not outlandishly absurd, but wretched writing stripped of all passion, inspiring wide-eyed, mind-boggled moments of "pudenda? did she really write pudenda?" It made me want to beat my head with the book—to jostle my braincells back into action, or to put them out of their misery, I'm not sure.

But why tell when I can show? Bushnell doesn't know how to do so—but I do.

Papaya and pudenda under the cut. )

Pudenda pudenda pudenda. Pudenda. It's a fun word to say. You should try it.


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