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(especially [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes!)

So [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes gave me cat ears for Christmas? and then Dev and I were out shopping in preparation for the cruise? and we found nothing for him, but a ton of things for me? and in that ton, I finally found a nice long black hoodie?

And now I have a cat-eared hoodie! And yes, I know this is silly, and it probably looks silly, and I don't care. This is me, people. I am silly, and maybe I look silly, but this is the me that I want to be. It is comfortable and cute and me, so very me. When given complete freedom to create me, this is the me that I am. Now, sometimes, this is the me—ever more the me—that I really can be.

Being me rarely makes me happy. You could call that the fundamental problem of my life.

Today, being me makes me overjoyed.

+2 pics of the hoodie. )

I will tell you one thing though: those magnets are not playing around. The quality of the ears is great! But damn, those magnets are almost stronger and more stubborn than I am.

Oh also: I cut my hair.

While we're here:

Have a picture of a real cat. She's cuter than I am.
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Fighting the urge to break out into Britney Spears, of course:

Hair Cut 4/28/09: The Ten Inches
I cut my hair again.

About ten inches, this time. It's been not even six months since my last major cut, where I took off a foot. I've just been getting sick of the upkeep of long-long hair. When your grow your hair to bum-length, any damage it receives will stay with you for years. I've gotten sick of careful washings and keeping it bunned and worrying about breakage. My new length is hardly short and I don't plan to be rough on my hair, but with the rate it grows (12 inches a year, easily) this new length is essentially worry-free.

No more anxiety about getting it caught or developing split ends. No more reasons not to wear it lose (though, I'll admit, it is cooler and more comfortable bunned). And ah, it feels so much thicker! I'm quite in love with it.

Three pictures, fairly large. )

Also, Dude the cat says hi. Ain't he handsome? (He was actually purring himself to sleep when I took this picture, but I'll be damned if he doesn't look like he thinks the camera is yes indeed very droll now will we get it out of his face?)

Fun games to play when viewing the above photographs: Spot the eyelashes! (Yeah, they're all but invisible.) Spot the veins! (Look hard enough and you can trace them up my entire arm.) The crook in the back of my hair which made most of my photos unsalvagable comes from bunning my hair. The pictures of me and my hair were taken indoors at night with flash, and so the colors aren't entirely accurate, but browse back through my hair tag and you'll get a better idea of the true color.

New layout over at [livejournal.com profile] juushika, by the by: almost-pastels for spring, and smaller stripes because I wanted something a touch less bold. I'm quite fond of it, too.
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A foot of trimmed hair
Uh oh. I chopped off a foot of my hair.

After dealing with tangling and split ends and sitting on my hair, I finally took the plunge and cut off a significant amount—about eleven and a half inches, from bum-length to lower back. For me, that's about a year's growth, significant but not unrecoverable. Devon supported the idea and did the dirty work (as usual—he's been cutting my hair for a few years. It's a nerve-wracking business, and I wouldn't trust it to anyone else).

And I love it. My hair looks long but feels short, which is an ideal middle ground: luxurious, beautiful, but no longer a pain in the ass. It's easier to care for and tangles less; it looks fuller and the ends are healthier. I've been wearing it in a never-ending bun for months, but now I can leave it down. I'm head over heals in love with my own hair, and very happy that I made the cut.

To show it off: three pictures. )

Crossposted here at [livejournal.com profile] longhair.
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I just posted this to [livejournal.com profile] longhair here, but I believe in crossposting back to my primary journal, therefore:

I've been wearing this hairstyle for the last few days, and I decided to make a tutorial for it—I call it a slip-knot bun, since that's the basis for its shape. It's as comfortable and secure as a usual "cinnamon roll" style bun, but sits vertically on the head and has a more detailed, woven or twisted look to it. Because it requires that you make a slip knot with your ponytail, it might not work for midlength hair. Mine is below my hips; I imagine waist length is long enough, but you'd have to try and find out! The style is secured by a single hairstick. The pictures are no pieces of art, but I hope they're clear. The style also looks neater and nicer if you don't do it while taking photos each step! If you have questions, let me know. This is my first tutorial, so I hope it's helpful, and I'd love to see pictures if anyone else uses this style.

The finished hairstyle:

Step by step tutorial, +9 photos. )
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My thoughts feel somewhere else today, and pulling them into the present renders them fragmented and unfocused. That leaves me with little patience for big things, but little repetitive task like editing pictures I can manage. So I finally have hair spam. I'm tempted to put it in a locked post because it feels strange to plaster my boyshirt-and-pj clad body all over the internet, but I'll flatter myself and say I've looked worse in photos.

Partially crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] longhair.

Five more pictures and some hair talk. )
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I come bearing videos of myself and my pigs. Having finally found my proper flash card and the card reader (which were hiding in about as close to plain sight as they could have been without dangling from the ceiling to hover over my keyboard), I figured I should make up for the fact that I've gone so long without a proper picspam. You were deprived, I know.

Therefore: Videos of me with Dink and Alfie, me with Kuzco, and me with ... my hair. )

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According to the responses to this meme, some of you (mostly the new and new-ish people) don't know what I look like. I find this ironic, as I'm a self-portrait photographer (currently on a sort of hiatus) and my face and, well, the rest of me is no stranger to the internet. I promised pictures to correct this deficit, and so I present: a picspam all about me.

I am female, 20 years of age, five foot almost one inch, heavier than I would like to be, hourglass shape, with red hair, blue eyes, and very fair freckled skin (and where there aren't freckles, there are birth marks and moles). In my self-portraits, I'm somewhat known for my curves: large breasts, a tiny tiny waist, and, um, "child-bearing" hips, though they shall bear no children. I have a severe sway back, but I've learned to correct it to a large degree through posture. I stand very straight and have a long torso, which helps make up for my intense shortness. (It's in my genes; plus I was anemic during my would-be growth spurt.) I carry a bit of extra weight, and I hate my legs passionately and rarely photograph anything below the waist. I'm of Scottish, Russian, and Dutch decent, and I have a Jew noise (not huge, but very well-defined), an oval face, and classic Scottish red hair and fair, freckled skin. I have very long hair: it's currently just below waist length and still growing. I take incredibly good care of it, and it has a wonderful color and sheen. By fair skin I mean well and truly pale: my veins are visible visible in my hands, arms, breasts, legs, and under eyes. I have dark under eye circles. I am an ever-recovering self-harmer, and my left arm and both thighs have a number of fading scars. Both my knees are covered in scars from two accidents, one running and one biking, when I was a kid. My eyes are blue (I always wished they were green) and I'm nearsighted, so I wear glasses when I'm out and about but take them off when studying, at the computer, or (often) taking pictures (in that case, because flash catches the glass).

But all of this is better explained in pictures, wouldn't you agree?

The face behind the journal )

As stated way up there, I am an amateur self-portrait photographer. (I take portraits as well, but generally lack models.) After deviantART fired its founders I left the community and about the same time stopped taking photos, but I do want to go back some day (soon?). My galleries are still online, however, and you can feel free to check them out. Juushika is my safe account, with some artsy photos, self-portrait and otherwise, and a poem or two. Possession is my far more popular erotic gallery, and does contain BDSM, nudity, erotic photos, and other things that may or may not make you uncomfortable. I still sell prints there. I am very proud of this work despite the immaturity of some of it, and hope to add to this gallery some day. My website is TitleHere.Net and contains much of the content from the Juushika account as well as some older photos and more of my (old, immature) writing. None of these sites have been updated in some time.

And that, my friends, is me. Physically, at least.


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