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Goddamnit, Pandora. Please to stop playing Utada's "Sanctuary." I love this song. I love it in the depths of my beating heart. I love it so much that I really do not need to be getting teary-eyed at Starbucks, you get me? And I don't want to replay Kingdom Hearts. I have two video games running, and other games lined up next, and neither KH game is among them. But every time you play this song I get an undeniable craving to pop them in the PS2.

So give it a break, would you? Because I haven't the heart to skip it when it comes on.

What's left of me, what's left of me now?

ETA: Oh god, this piano cover is so beautiful.
juushika: Screen capture of the Farplane from Final Fantasy X: a surreal landscape of waterfalls and flowers. (Anime/Game)
Will you be buying Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstaion 3 or the Xbox 360? (Or not at all, of course, but in which case I don't really care.)

Devon and I are waiting on the final word on Japanese audio to decide, but it looks like it may be omitted from both systems. In that case we're leaning towards the PS3—I prefer the UI, controller, and achievement system on the Xbox, but uncompressed audio/video on the PS3 wins out. I know we're massive geeks, but has anyone else been giving any thought to this quandary?

In other video game news, I beat Assassin's Creed II a while ago; I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories, the CoM PS2 port. I picked it up again after ignoring it for a long time and it's been a lot more fun to play this go around—I feel like I actually get and appreciate the card system this time, rather than seeing it as an impediment to my preferred KH hack-and-slash free-for-all. Sadly, I'm currently stuck on a boss and procrastinating going back to it. After I beat this game, I'm on to Persona 3 and 4.

Devon and I are playing BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger more-or-less together. I bought it for his Christmas present but predictably have put a bit more time into it than he has. It's a brilliant fighter—the plot is surprisingly strong and characters are better defined than I've ever seen in fighter—as far as characterization, but also in terms of fighting style and abilities. I've gotten great with Jin, but because characters behave so differently it's hard to transfer brilliance with him into competence with anyone else. I'm loving the game so far.

Devon just beat Onimusha 3 and picked up Onimusha 1, but along with BlazBlue he also got Forza 3 for Christmas, and Bayonetta comes out next week. We'll see which one he sticks with, but I suspect Bayonetta (he's been craving a sharp fighter after replaying the entire DMC series and finding out that God of War was ... well, mostly just a pile of shit).
juushika: Screen capture of the Farplane from Final Fantasy X: a surreal landscape of waterfalls and flowers. (Anime/Game)
Title: 'This is the world in its true form.'
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Riku/Roxas, slight Riku/Sora
Summary: A retelling of the second half of the battle between Riku and Roxas, just after Deep Dive/Another Side, Another Story. Riku defeats Roxas and then takes Roxas back to the mansion, to determine if Sora is truly somewhere inside him.
Word Count: 7,700
Warnings: Dubious-consent, swearing, explicit sex, channish, partial AU. Spoilers for Deep Dive/Another Side, Another Story and Kingdom Hearts II.

Riku knees Roxas in the chest, knocking him down. His shoulders hit the wall and it stops him, but Riku has climbed onto the bed, his knees on the outside of Roxas's thighs, his hand fisted again in Roxas's collar. He lifts his shoulders from the wall, then slams him back down so that his head hits it with a crack.

"I said," he says, "shut up." And then, as soft as two single drops of rain, he adds, "Sora."

( Read 'This is the world in its true form.' on FF.N )
The fic is posted on FanFiction.Net because I'm afraid of LiveJournal's new policies and TOS.

Or ( Read 'This is the world in its true form.' on LJ )
The fic is friendslocked because I'm afraid of LiveJournal's new policies and TOS.

X-posted here on [livejournal.com profile] khyaoi and here on [livejournal.com profile] rikuroku.

Feedback welcome anywhere. Enjoy!
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I'm reading fanfic again.

I'm writing fanfic again. (Just this one! ...Or maybe two. But they're oneshots! Then I'll stop, I swear!)

I'm editing (to fix the very worst) and reposting The Bonded on fanfiction.net. You know, The Bonded? The 40k word DBZ monstrosity that I wrote, um, six years ago.

I blame Kingdom Hearts.

On the Kingdom Hearts fic and The Bonded )

Want to read The Bonded? It's not completely reposted yet, but the edited and reposted chapters are here, on FF.N. (VegetaxGoku, GotenxTrunks, romance, angst, explicit sex between men [NC-17], multipart, complete.)

Want to read my Kingdom Hearts fanfic? I'll link to it when it's completed.

Want to read some great Kingdom Hearts fanfic? Check out Rare Birds by [livejournal.com profile] kokanshu (Axel/Roxas, swearing, explicit sex between men [NC-17], some dark themes, oneshot, plot accurate). It is without doubt the best KH fanfic I've run across since delving back into this fandom. The characters are spot on, the voice is clever, the plot and character interaction is delicate and brilliant, and the sex is ridiculously amazing—tactile, intentional, and perfect for the story and the characters. I can't recommend this too highly. Read it!
juushika: Screen capture of the Farplane from Final Fantasy X: a surreal landscape of waterfalls and flowers. (Anime/Game)
I just finished replaying the first Kingdom Hearts game, and am currently deciding between continuing with (ported) Chain of Memories or a replay of Kingdom Hearts II. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the pleasant glow that comes with completing a really good video game. And true to my over-analytical form, I come with some thoughts on the game, and how it was to replay it.

Kingdom Hearts was the second console game and RPG that I ever played (the first was Final Fantasy X, which I've also loved and replayed). I played it for the first time some years ago (just after it came out, I believe), never played Chain of Memories (as I don't own a GBA), and played KHII as soon as it was released. I loved both games, but I noticed a gap in information—years had passed since playing the first game, and since I'd never played the sequel, I was missing a lot of information coming into the first game. Granted, KHII is playable under those circumstances, but they aren't ideal. So it made sense to come back to the first game—and, well, it's a great game in its own right, and warrants replay.

For those that don't know, Kingdom Hearts is about a young boy named Sora. He begins on Destiny Island, and has two close friends, Riku, an older male who has always been his competition, and Kairi, a female that often becomes the source of contention for his friendly battles with Riku. The three of them dream about leaving Destiny Island for the greater worlds beyond, but their dreams become reality when their island disappears into the darkness, scattering them on the worlds beyond. Sora awakens in a world-between-worlds called Traverse Town and soon teams up with Goofy and Donald, who have been sent by their King Mickey to track to find the Key: a magical weapon that holds the power to fight the darkness, and to save and seal the worlds threatened by the darkness. Sora is the Keyblade Master, and together the three go off to discover and seal new worlds, and to try to find Riku and Kairi. It's an RPG with real-time "slash and hack" action battles, and a combined effort of Square (who contribute a plot worthy of Final Fantasy and many FF cameos) and Disney (who contribute many character designs and the worlds that Sora and his friends visit).

Some thoughts on Kingdom Hearts, a replay. )

There were definitely some annoyances, but I was incredibly pleased with this replay of Kindgom Hearts. The story, plot, and characters speak for themselves: they are all at once idealistic and realistic, with sights set on concepts such as the Heart of Hearts, Light, and Darkness while struggling through the personal issues of identity, belief, choice, and fidelity. The combination of Square and Disney is remarkable and unexpected—it's a bit foolish and exaggerated, but the plot and the characters still bring it back to the realm of delicate and nuanced. The gameplay is fun, and a friendly mesh of RPG and action, which means that it works well for players that rarely stray beyond RPGs and/or are somewhat lacking in manual dexterity (myself included).

It was a fun game to play the first time, and even more enjoyable this second time. I'm glad I came back to it, and let me tell you, the bittersweet glow at the end of the game is truly enjoyable—and it glows all the brighter knowing that I have the sequels sitting there just waiting for me.


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