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Note: I am no longer actively collecting My Little Ponies, but I am keeping my current collection, I still customize them upon occassion, and I would like to own the G1s on my wishlist, someday.

Owned Ponies

G3 total: 38
Starbeam )
Desert Rose )
Rainbow Dash II )
Sparkle Works III With Dress-Up Eveningwear )
Sew and So )
Fluttershy )
Bumblesweet I )
Daisy Jo )
Banjo Blue )
Flutterbutter )
Princess Peppermint )
Tropical Delight )
Triple Treat )
August Breeze )
Gardenia Glow )
Heather Winds )
Island Rainbow )
Bowtie )
Waterfire )
Wing Wishes Blossomforth )
Spring Fever )
Sparklesnap )
Sunny Daze I in Sunny Daze III dress-up wear )
Butterscotch Easter Egg )
Kiwi Tart )
Lulabelle )
Dainty Daisy )
Spring Breeze )
Fizzy Pop )
Alphabittle )
Seascape )
Cotton Candy )
Rainbow Swirl )
Candy Apple )
Finger Paints )
Citris Sweetheart )
Silver Glow )

McDonald's 2005 total: 11
#1 Star Swirl )
#2 Serendipity )
#3 Minty )
#4 Butterscotch )
#5 Daisyjo )
#6 Pinkie Pie )
#7 Wysteria )
#8 Sparkleworks )

Owned Merchandise

G1 Cotton Candy T-Shirt )
Minty Keychain )

Customs Made By Me

Snowdrift )
Thistle )
SG )
Juushika )
Lyz )
Andy Potter )
Night Tide )

Want List

  • Sparkle Babies
  • Glow N' Show Ponies, including Blue Heart Dazzle Glow
  • All Sparkle Ponies: first half, second half (especially Gusty and Twinkler), including mail order Sparkle Ponies
  • Baby Brightbow
  • Baby Quackers
  • Quackers
  • Baby Softsteps
  • Baby Unnamed "Rice Crispy" Christmas Pony
  • Merry Treat
  • Tunefull

  • Hip Holly
  • Queen Sun Sparkle

  • White ponies
  • Ponies listed on Amazon wish list
  • January Joy
  • April Mist
  • Strawberry Swirl with purse
  • Rainbowberry
  • Desert Blossom
  • Dream Blue
  • Peri Wikle
  • Valenshy
  • Starswirl
  • Blue Mist
  • Golden Delicious
  • Autumn Skye
  • Denim Blue
  • Rainbowberry
  • Bumbleberry
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    (Why am I up so early? I'm tired. So I'm doing this and then going back to bed. Yes.

    I completed another custom last night. Introducing:

    Night Tide )

    Night Tide is a dark merpony made from a G3 McDonald's Wysteria base. She is approximately 3 inches tall (a full-sized pony is 5). She has been rehaired with black Yaki hair, and her hair is firmly rooted and brushable. Her hair as been cut long and her forelock has been styled with three, non-removable black beads. The molded tail has been removed and replaced with a mertail made of Sculpy. Her tail has been painted black with a satin finish, giving her a water-wet look. Her eyes are completely repainted in pure black with white highlights. She bears black tribal markings or tattoos on her display side and forehead. Her non-display side hoof is signed and dated.

    She is a beautiful, one of a kind pony, and the only McD's merpony that I've ever seen. I'm rather taken with her myself. She isn't what I expected her to be, but she turned out well: very dark and dramatic, but still small enough to be cute.

    If you are interested in purchasing Night Tide, I'm asking $25 USD + S&H. Do note that her tail broke twice when I was working on her, and one seem is still somewhat visible. Other than that, she looks quite nice. Shipping will be low, because of her small size and weight, or nothing, if you contact me soon enough (next 2 weeks). Comment here, or email me (swiftskyes@hotmail.com) and let me know. Even if you aren't interested, feedback would be nice.

    'Cause she's pretty.

    (Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] aphlatus for the base and [livejournal.com profile] darksilence for the name.)
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    [livejournal.com profile] maiden117 got her ponies! I can post them, now. This rocks. I am seriously very excited, because I love these guys. Dial-up beware there are way too many pictures behind these cuts.

    (Note: entry is public just long enough to show these two off.) Entry is now locked.

    Lyz )

    This custom was based off of Lyz herself, who commissioned the pair. (This is her second commission from me—she was the one that commissioned a series of prints way back when.) White body (peach was unavailable), red hair cut short (and tied back and, in these images, down with a bit of wire, but that's just there to style the hair and comes off for display). Eyes are green, with a tiny spot of green glitter in them. Symbol is a green glitter star with a matte black outline, and I am seriously happy with how it turned out—it's actually even, which is amazing. For the hoof symbol I decided to stick with a simple heart, because I wanted to keep her pretty basic and classic. She wears a removable brown bracelet (just like her non-removable hair band). That's Lyz. Hoof mark and cutie mark are hand-painted. Eyes are about 70% repainted.

    Andy Potter )

    This pony was Harry Potter themed at Lyz's request. Andrew, her boyfriend, looks like Harry Potter. The resemblance is kinda scary, she says. So: black-haired white full-sized pony, with a HP-themed cutie mark. I decided to go with the classic scar on his forehead, a wand with "magic" for the cutie mark, and Harry's trademark wild hair. The eyes are, of course, emerald green. I omitted a hoof mark and replaced it with all-over, real "hair" furry clydesdale feet. G1 male ponies had feathered hooves, and I wanted to mimic the look with actual hair. It took a long, long time and a lot of patience, but I think it turned out well. I also used the hair to cover up a nice little addition: I made Andy a bit taller by giving him clay "extensions" to his feet. It makes for a more manly pony. Anyway, that's Andy Potter. Hair and hooves are hand-rooted (some of the hoof work was done with a needle punch method, but most of it is knotted and threaded). Cutie mark and scar are hand-painted. Eyes are about 80% repainted.

    Painted polymer flower

    I included a cute little flower I made with polymer clay I had lying around. The base is hand-made and it's painted white with red accents and a light pink center. The flower works pretty well with a couple of ponies, as you can see in one of the group images below. That, and I thought it was cute.

    3 Group pictures. )
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    Yes, alive. Yes, pretty well. Catching up on reading, responding, and posting as well as much image editing. Image editing has led to pony images, including...

    New pictures of the finished Snowdrift custom. I've been meaning to put this up for a while but the pony was in Corvallis and I, obviously, was not. Snowdrift was my first custom, made for my sister for Christmas 2004. More information about her can be found here. Enjoy the photos.

    Snowdrift )
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    Remember that bait Minty I bought that I promised was going to become a custom? She's finished, in record time. There are a lot of pictures chronicling her transition from bait to beauty (all but one are no larger than 200px, so it won't take forever to load). She's a "persona" pony, made my me, for me, and about me. I love her.

    Without further ado:

    Custom MLP: Juushika! )
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    As a thank you and an escape from thinking and work, I completed the custom My Little Pony that I've been working on for my old Romantic Lit professor. The pony's name is Thistle. Base is a G3 Desert Rose base (see below). Pony cutie mark, hoof mark, and glitter was stripped, hair was rerooted with Michael's doll hair in red, plaid cutie mark and thistle hoof mark were painted on and eyes were touched up to fix factory flaws and add purple heart. Accessories include a removable bracelet and barrette made of green beads and an unmodified white G3 brush. Pony is signed and dated on a front hoof and is packed in an unmodified Desert Rose box.

    9 pictures of Thistle. )


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