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I'm looking for another lost book: I'm looking for a book that I remember from my childhood. In it, a werewolf bit someone (on the arm?) to drag them out of a burning building. Other details I'm fairly sure of: it was a young adult book and I think both the werewolf and bite victim were teenagers or younger, it was published before/around 1997, and bite victim becomes a werewolf. That's all I can remember. Sound familiar? Help pinpointing the title would be immensely helpful.
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Speaking of more immense help: I'm looking for book and movie suggestions to add to my to-read list and Netflix queue. Both are quite full, but I rather enjoy loading them up, so. Feel free to add as many suggestions for either as you would like, either in the poll that follows, in the comments, or both.

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My own most recent suggestions include:

Books — Necklace of Kisses, Francesca Lia Block; The Book of Lost Things, John Connolly; The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, H.P. Lovecraft; The Time Machine, H.G. Wells.

Films — Legend, Perfect Creature (steampunk priest vampires—seriously, this film rocks), The Fountain, Curse of the Golden Flower.

In other brief general-update news: I took a few day unwilling break from writing (and sleeping, and blogging, and SL, and...) while I went through a brief depressive episode, but as of today I seem to be back to it. The writing, that is. I've at least plotted out a bit further, and I wrote 1500 words, so I consider that a promising restart. The depression wasn't fun, and it's been coming with probably psychosomatic symptoms that feel like a constant early cold/flu (constant headaches, throat pain, stomach pain) as well as pretty severe back pain and spasms. These things may not be passing, but I want to get back to my book, so I'm at least starting to ignore them a bit.

I've started taking advantage of the reserve system at my local library with wonderful results as far as getting books go, even if I haven't been entirely pleased by what I've read. I now have a healthy towering physical to-read pile, and I love it. I am woefully behind on book reviews, however. Hopefully I can finish some of them soon. The boy has a shiny new toy—an Xbox 360 and Halo 3, of course, so he and his brother are here often (as this is where the Xbox is set up) and I've watched countless rounds of Halo. I am a very patient gamer's girlfriend, and thank goodness for it. I tried playing the game. It was a failed experiment; I shall stick with word puzzles on Popcap for now.

And that is all. Much thanks to those that can be of any help with identifying that werewolf book, and to those that suggest books/movies.


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