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Unconnected random tidbits, in logical list format:
  • I know a book is good when I have nothing to complain about, when I am so in awe that I can't quite articulate all the things I love, when I continually announce to whoever is listening that "this woman can write!" and perhaps most of all: when I read through a sex scene without groaning or laughing even once.

    I am currently reading Jo Graham's Black Ships and loving every minute of it. Barring a major catastrophe, I expect to give this novel a glowing review, and I already recommend it. Graham can write.

  • My local library's search function keeps going down, and rather than book results it gives me red text telling me to contact my librarian. I find interesting novels all the time, reading blogs and browsing Amazon. I check them on Amazon (to see the rating they've received) and then at the library's website (to see if they're stocked and where they're shelved). If they're checked out and I'm interested, I usually put them on hold. Then I record title, author, and shelving/hold info into my handwritten book list, and star the entries that interest me most. After I've read the book, I cross it off the list.

    My point to all of this is that getting hung up midway through the process is getting quite annoying. I love and appreciate my local library, but I don't exactly keep a librarian in my closet who I can ask for help when the library search goes down.

  • Chatting with a good friend about recent reading on therianthropy, and this came up:

    Me: That reminds me...
    Him: ?
    Me: I was reading about a therian that kept using "polly" instead of "poly" in her essays.
    Him: ...
    Me: Poly therians have more than one theriotype ... but polly therians, I'm not so sure.
    *a pause*
    Him: wants a cracker?
    Me: they want crackers?

    Well it amused me. ^_^

  • Two years after finding BPAL, I'm finally killing imps. I'm at the dredges of my imp of Velvet, and O and Morocco are not too far behind. This breaks my heart a bit—because even though I'll have new BPAL funds to spend come my birthday (August 18), I know that there will never be quite enough to buy the autumn updates I want, search out a bottle of Ivanushka (since I know my two imps won't be enough), and stock up with actual bottles of the GC scents that I wear most often. Ah, BPAL: great joy, but also great suffering—because there's just never enough.

  • For those with monies to spend: Blogathon is coming up—starting 9 AM EST on July 26, bloggers post every half hour for 24 hours to raise money for charity, and quite a few people are participating to raise money for all kinds of charities. [livejournal.com profile] shadesong is writing flash fiction about a collection of artistic artifacts, and also auctioning those artifacts; all the funds go to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Currently, she's also featuring other blogathon participants. If you're interested in buying shinies or donating to charity, you may want to check her and her links out.
C'est tout.
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Where was my major huge memory card and my card reader?



The one in my desk.

About two feet from my computer.

I'd be happier if I wasn't so busy headdesking. Goddamnit.


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