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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

The irony is that I've had this finished for near a month—but I thought I wanted to make this installment a bit longer, and so I held off on posting until I could play again. As it turns out, I needn't've. Sorry for the delay!

Lauren yells at Aaron
We begin as we ended: with Aaron's parents, Lauren and Jonathan Dar, showing up unexpectedly .
Lauren begins the reunion by berating Aaron for disappearing without a word.

Family, arguments, love, arguments: +41 pictures. )

Not that it'll be easy.

So. Something interesting happened when I was playing: I lost half a day of playtime. I played through the night after Aaron's parents left and was thrilled with what developed the next morning—and then (although it had been perfectly stable), my game crashed just before I went to save. I was heartbroken, but eventually went back and replayed that missing half-day. It started out eerily similar and then took its own, unique route.

And, crazy as it is to ever say this: I'm glad the game crashed. What I saw was an alternate view, events that could be but are not, and I believe the fact that they did not materialize is revealing. So, as an odd piece of variation, this time as a storybit I present:

These things do not happen: kiss

Storybit 10: What does not happen after Aaron's parents leave.
1300 words, +3 pictures.
Would take place near the end end of this update, if it happened.
Contains foul language and explicit descriptions of sex.

These things do not happen: )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

As visible above, I've finally put together an intro post for the boys, and made a few other changes so it's easier to browse their archives.

This update is epic-long (long enough that I'll put outtakes and random non-G&A pics in another post), and I'm sorry for that. But I enjoyed it, and mayhap you will too—and it opens the door for many things to come. Ah, less talk! More pictures! We open with:

Nika calls to invite Ghost over, pt. 1
Nika calls to invite Ghost over for the afternoon.
"Yeah, sure! I'll bring the boyfriend."

Friends, a persistent ghost, thievery, music, and a cliffhanger: +51 pictures. )

To state the obvious: there is much to come (and I'm nervous about it all). In the meantime we take a step back, returning to Ghost and Aaron's pasts and to issues of music and theft—and rings. Have you noticed that they both wear—and have always worn—plain black bands?

Storybit 09: The rings.
1700 words
Takes place when Aaron has been living with Ghost and Sylvie for 11 months, and around the time of this update.
No warnings.

Ghost comes into his room to find Aaron sprawled out on his bed... )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

I should mention, before I'm distracted by the overlong post to follow: If you missed it over the weekend but might be interested in downloading, I've uploaded my pseudo-self sim, Nika Sarto, for your pleasure.

This is a slightly unusual update, because getting The Sims running again was buggy to start, and I spent some time randomly househopping to get a feel for things. So there's more themes and beginning and rediscovered footing than there is story, this time—yet I still manged to take a good number of shots. Less talk (don't worry, they're be plenty later) and more action! So then:

The very first bug: the food system broke. Absolutely, completely, and for a while I didn't notice.
Which meant no one ate while I was sitting there going YOU KNOW WHERE THE FRIDGE IS GUYS, USE IT.
Before anyone starved, I had Ghost order pizza. I think it was a lucky thing no one died of food poisoning.

Bugs and strangeness, househopping and events in the park, music and theft: +38 photos. )

Aaron watching Ghost play the guitar
So the boys are quietly content save for the sound of music in the house...
...Ghost with his Lady and Aaron with his Ghost.

They have not always, of course, been so. I append to this post a stoybit that I wrote ages ago. I considered a different selection for this post, but wasn't able to get one finished; and in a way, this one is suiting because I allude above to the fact that Ghost attracts male attention. I've mentioned it a few times, in fact: above, with Terry; here, with Jude; here, with Skylar. As if with a sixth sense, some people sense in Ghost a passive, receptive, moreover accepting partner. With the exception of his high school girlfriend, his past sexual partners have been one night stands, have been casual hookups, have overlapped and repeated, and what unites them is that they have been based in what the other person desired: what they wanted, he acquiesced to. For Ghost, this wasn't self-denial or self-punishment. Being and fulfilling what others wanted was, in a way, what he wanted.

I usually try not to write huge introductions to the storybits. I prefer that they speak for themselves. But I give this one such an intro because it is in part a view of Ghost's past—not an average encounter, but not too far off—and foreshadowing of the changes to come. (Now that I'm finally recording a precise chronology of events—I know these boys well, but need help to keep dates straight—I'm keenly aware of where it falls in the timeline.) I'm also nervous about any content which isn't strictly Ghost/Aaron, and more nervous about jumping back in with talk of sex, so I feel the need to pad it with explanations. Explanations done, to the fiction!

Storybit 08: The night with Nathan.
2300 words
Takes place when Aaron has been living with Ghost and Sylvie for a year. (Current events take place one year later.)
Contains brief but explicit descriptions of sex and some foul language.

Ghost is sitting on the library steps nursing a beer when this guy comes up to him. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Just a sexy shot of Aaron and Ghost

Since we've had a Ghost and Aaron interlude, and because any time is a good time for porn, and because [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes was brave, I also come bearing Ghost and Aaron fic: almost purely pointless porn, this was the first sex scene I ever wrote for the boys and remains a personal favorite. It's a bit of a reversal which is why I didn't post it sooner—it wasn't a good introduction to their sex lives. But seeing as you've already been introduced, there's no excuses now!


Storybit 07: Aaron bottoms for the first time.
2500 words
Takes place at the tail-end of their new-relationship honeymoon period, around the time of this post.
Contains foul language and explicit descriptions of sex.

Aaron throws his head back and the shag of his hair falls every which way... )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

So I said that I was going to take a break from Ghost and Aaron and I really will—but first I spent another few days with them, because I find them awfully hard to leave. So you all get a few more pictures of the boys—just a short update, and then I have a few more from the new household.

Imaging how Aaron transported this newest acquisition amuses me
Imagining how Aaron transported this newest acquisition amuses me.
Slung over his shoulders? Tied onto the roof the car?
It's pretty conspicuous either way but you bet he went about it without a moment's hesitation.

+17 pictures: Work, reading, promotions, and honest discussion: Just a few days. )

Aaron had the day off, and they spent it together. Not just making love, but talking—about many things, Aaron's job included. Ghost didn't come right out and say "I know that you steal things, and I've decided I don't mind"—but he came pretty damn close. And once he had, he discovered it wasn't so difficult to say or to accept. I may write this scene out sometime, but for now I leave the boys (for real this time): They are content, working hard and perhaps closer now than before, but Ghost's thoughts are heavy.

The storybit this time ties in a bit with events from this update. It's a piece of writing I've been worrying over for a good while now—my original version of the scene took a wrong turn and required an entire rewrite; this version is accurate but it makes me slightly uncomfortable and so it's been difficult to complete. Ghost rolls with the punches perhaps more than he should—it's a part of his personality, without it he and his relationship with Aaron would be very different, but it's not always a good thing. This same discomfort is what Ghost faces in this picture update, and neither of us quite know how to resolve it.

Storybit 06: Aaron questions Ghost's sexual history.
1900 words
Takes place shortly before the events in this update and references events in this update.
Contains foul language and a brief depiction of sex.

"I'm absolutely not jealous," Aaron says. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Just an average morning in this house
I love what counts as a totally normal morning in this house.
(Ghost has been waking up earlier to catch a few extra moments with Aaron—and the dead.)

+37 pictures: sex, painting, theft, coping, a right mess, and love: another week or two. )

In the same vein, the writing for this time is about how Aaron helped Ghost though his last bit of sleep troubles. Aaron doesn't really know that he helped—but even if he's no good at reaching out, his concern is visible in all that he does.

Storybit 05: Aaron picks Ghost up from work.
900 words
Takes place at the same time as this picture from this update.
Resolves Storybit 02: Ghost dreams of death from this update.
Contains swearing and allusions to sex.

It's been a foul day. )

So. I'm planning to take a short break from Ghost and Aaron to play with an overstuffed household and potentially some more genetics. As with Nika's household, there'll probably be less blogging and less story as that goes, but I'm so addicted to picspams that I expect there shall still be some. I'm confident that I'll return to Ghost and Aaron before long—they're just too precious to leave.

Before that, though, some truly random Ghost and Aaron humor. I am (no surprise, after Second Life) addicted to custom content; as such I spend plentiful time demoing new items. I stumbled across a (shiny!) skin which I had not tried before and thought I'd check it out, so I installed it and had the boys strip down and was playing Barbie—er, Ken doll. Meanwhile I'd forgotten that Emily was in the house but, oh, not the boys! As soon as they were free they both made nakey beelines across the house to go chat with her.

So if it looks like Aaron is insulting Emily's family in the nude... +3 pictures of naked boybum. )

Everyone has lost all memory of these events, as they do of most of my CC demos, and obviously I have scrapped the (shiny!) skins, but yeps, it amused me.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Long update is long. It would be longer, but my brain has taken a sudden turn towards completely inoperable and so the second storybit will have to wait until I can get that sorted out. Instead, you get pictures. Tons and tons of pictures. It took a while to find the stopping point this time but, having done so? Yeah, I love this update, too.

Ghost, sleeping
To open: mostly just a picture.
(But Ghost and sleep is a heavy theme here, and it is a pretty picture.)

Pick up right were we left off, we begin a few more days with a night: fire, work, friendships, sleep, sex, and the troubles that come with it all. +44 pictures. )

I can't understate the level of autonomy the boys have, and it just amazes me. From Aaron reading books for work (which none of my other sims have ever done) to rearranging his sleep schedule, from conversations to long hours spent having sex ... they are so self-directed. (Fully disclosed, my involvement is limited to: triggering woohoo (once they've autonomously maxed out the attraction tree—the autuonomous woohoo mod I was using is just too buggy to function), canceling activities from queue (rarely, and often only after they've been at the activity for a while, like ending game-playing or TV-watching), and sending them out of the house. All the rest is them. I do, however, have a number of mods, from dangerous stoves to ghost reaction remover, to say nothing of Awesomemod, which impact gameplay and sim behavior.)

And all that autonomy makes them so real. I don't know how bored you all are with their daily lives—but I'm not. I expected that much of my fascination would pass about the time that the boys formed a stable relationship, but there are enough ongoing events that their lives and my fascination both continue apace. After all of my prior angst, that's a relief—but it never ceases to amaze me. They are so real to me, and their love is beautiful, and so I can't even begrudge them the fact that while I play them I can't manage to tear myself away and spend time playing other sims.

I suspect that there will be some more writing to come, eventually, on Ghost and his dreams. When probably depends on how he deals with them, but there's more to be said, there. When I write about Aaron, it's usually his backstory, because I will never have the chance to photograph that—but Aaron is often easy to show: his personality is very visible in his actions and his body language. Ghost, however, lives in his mind, and begs a lot of writing so that his mind has some visibility. He's quieter, he internalizes, and his dreamworld is complex and terrifying; his sexuality and his role in this relationship is also more internal than external, though there's some evidence of his initiative every now and then, as there is here.

The writing for this time, though, is as promised above:

Storybit 03: Aaron says "I love you."
300 words (amazing, I know!)
Takes place at the same time as this picture from this update.
No warnings, there's just some romance.

"I love you too, you know," says Aaron. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

A few days back, I sat down to rejoin Aaron and Ghost—and everything went to shit. I wasn't really "feeling" their story at the moment—because while things ended well enough last time, Aaron really fucked up and their last argument did a significant amount of damage to their relationship. They're on imperfect terms and have a lot of work to do before things are smoothed over. And these boys are my babies—precious to me and very real, and their uncertain situation was making me anxious. I took them to the park, and they were unresponsive and distracted. I sent them home and tried to get them to start rebuilding lost trust—and they were unwilling to communicate and Ghost rejected all of Aaron's advances (which I was initiating). I felt like shite, quit without saving, and didn't want to try again.

The next day I went back. Aware now of my anxiety and "feeling" their story again, I let them go home instead of meeting at the park after Aaron got off work, and then I sat back and let them do their own thing. At the house, Ghost cleaned for a bit and then played some foosball, because cleaning can put him in a rotten mood; Aaron swam laps in the pool until he was exhausted. And then as Ghost was starting on a new canvas, after Aaron took a quick shower, Aaron went into the back room.

Aaron comes to Ghost
He said hello to Ghost

and Ghost held him close... +23 photos: repairing damage done, ghosts, work troubles, sleep troubles, and love. )

Which is as good a conclusion as any. I could say more, but Ghost speaks for himself.

If you were wondering what was up with my other sims ... well, not a whole lot. As usual when playing these boys, I can't pull myself away from Ghost and Aaron long enough to do much with anyone else. A few pics, though:

When I say all my inactive sims stand around in exercisewear...
When I say that all my inactive sims walk around in exercisewear...
I am not kidding. I wish I were kidding. But I'm not.

+3 truly random shots. )

As for the promised fic: Since Ghost's dreams are acting up again, I figure the storybit for this time should be on the same topic. Unfortunately this is one of the longer snippets, but the one I planned to share doesn't yet feel finished and the one after that is a bit much sex to jump straight into, so we'll stick with one that at least won't feel out of place. Ghost isn't usually like this—he doesn't swear so often, he's rarely this angry—but he's under trying circumstances. As such:

Storybit 02: Ghost dreams of death.
1600 words
Takes place around the same time as this entry, although the effects are more apparent in this entry.
No romantic content, mention of sex, some violence and swearing.

It's one thing to have a ghost walking around the place, and another entirely to dream about death—but ever since the second headstone appeared in the backyard a week ago, Ghost has. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Words cannot even express how happy I am with this update. But first:

Nika, writing
Let us speak of writing for a moment.

I caved and started scribbling down the many bits of Ghost & Aaron story which have been filling my head—because I was afraid of losing them, because I was afraid of being overwhelmed by them, because it seemed inevitable. And behold, a few days later I'm up to just over 10,000 words. These scenes stretch from pre-game events through their relationship now—and depending on how Plot plays out, I think there's scenes brewing for the future too.

I mentioned before how different Ghost and Aaron are from any other characters I've dealt with: they are remarkably real. This has only increased as I write them. It's not creation so much as discovery. With a little bit of time and thought, whatever I look for I can find, whatever I find I can record. I've never had story flow so smoothly, even when writing fanfic. The boys are writing themselves, and I'm enjoying being a part of it, because I find them fascinating and because, however biased this opinion may be, there's some good stuff there.

Knowing I have a few Ghost and Aaron fans reading, and as it seems silly to let story languish unread, I'll probably start posting a random scene with my G&A updates. I've written and may post explicit sex scenes; most of the snippets make reference to or directly concern the fact that the boys are cousins. If either goes against your taste, I suggest you skip the written bits. If you're [livejournal.com profile] vaga42bond, you can break out the horrified emoticons any time now. And of course there's no obligation to read. This is all for my own entertainment. If you do, though? I hope you enjoy. But first: pictures!

Ghost and Aaron
Not a shabby start, right?
This may be my favorite ever photo of the boys.

+31 pictures: ghosts, money problems, arguments, big decisions, and beauty. )

The events in this update were—incredible. I knew what my user-directed stuff would be (repoman comes, Aaron gets a job) but the park bench? the arguing? the expressions? the fact that as soon as I took him to the cemetery Aaron zeroed in on a new bench? all of that was spontaneous, autonomous, and perfect. I've forgotten, playing Nika's household, that these two have such wonderful chemistry in their relationship, their traits, their plot. I don't even want to know what magic variables create it. I just never, ever want it to go away.

And there's something about Ghost, I think. I've learned from writing him that he's not strictly as passive as he seems—and right now, I think he's playing a tricky game, forcing Aaron to the end of his tether to make the boy do something about it all. And he has. It won't be easy for Aaron, though. He has a grudge against authority figures—and even if he'd never admit it, he's afraid of them, too. I doubt he'll find his job easy, but he definitely has the potential to be damn good at it.

In the world of random, unrelated photos, this time I come bearing pictures of Ghost and Aaron's families. I created their parents in CAS in order to get a grip on how they look (I can't visualize, so this is my best way to see them) and to lock in their personalities. No, I'm not playing them. No, they don't live in town. But I did plop them down in a set piece for some pictures, so you get to meet them all.

7 pictures of Ghost and Aaron's family, real and potential. )

Would having siblings really have changed anything for Aaron? I doubt it. It may may have redirected some of the pressure off him—but I suspect it wouldn't have been much better to be constantly compared to the successes of a brother or sister. But, yes, it was an interesting experiment.

I conclude this massive entry with the first bit of Ghost and Aaron written story—which, fittingly, is one of the longer chunks. Enjoy!

Storybit 01: Aaron on the doorstep.
1700 words
Occurs a two years before the start of gameplay. Aaron is 18, Ghost 20, and they're distant friends.
No romantic or sexual content; some foul language.

After Aaron calls, it takes him only four hours to make the six hour trip to Ghost's house. But Aaron calls at almost ten at night, so he arrives late by any reckoning. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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