May. 30th, 2009

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I am anticipating a new addition to my jewelry collection: Archeology: The Forests #1 from Wyrding Studios, which shall be in my possession tomorrow. I've wanted this pendant since it went up, and when it was on clearance sale I finally grabbed it. I am very much looking forward to having it—I was in need of a piece of monochrome-esque/less vivid jewelry, for days when I don't want bright color, and this shall satisfy that need. Plus: pretty.

However, I needed a chain to wear it, and so began a search through my jewelry box which lead to some minor reorganizing and wallowing in shiny things. Which, of course, lead to pictures: shiny pr0n.

My jewelry collection

Give or take, this is most of the parts of my wearable jewelry collection. (I hang on to some watches, earrings, and rings which I don't wear but keep for sentemental reasons, and I have some other miscellany which I wear as costume jewelry.) But my wearable selection is made up of necklaces, interchangable pendants, and a ring; there's a ton of amber and amber-colored stone, a bit (but not enough!) of peridot/peridot green, and the metals are generally silver and copper. Not pictured is the crocheted wire necklace from Devon, which is delicate enough to live in its own box. For what is shown, check the notes of the picture and the further photos below.

+3 closeups. )

The only problem is: the more I admire and own handmade and one of a kind jewelry, the more of it I want. Grabby hands. Please may I have a thousand dollars?


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