Jul. 31st, 2009

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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Oh my god, I'm addicted. If you're sick of these posts already, then I apologize for bombarding you flist. If you're enjoying them—well, I have more! Things with Aaron and Ghost continue apace—foosball, kissing, and a little incident with the TV...

Trash talk
Trash talkin' over foosball.
Not that it did Ghost any good—he lost this round.
(Aaron nearly lives in his boxer shorts.)

So begins another few days. +22 pictures, you have been warned. )

And for that matter, I'm tending that way myself. With my mods, the boys have the option to take their romance as far as they want it to go—but there's only so much time in the day around Ghost's work hours (he only works part-time, but may quit anyhow—they can scrape by without the income), and it's easier to splash around in the dingy little pool or play another game of foosball than commit to a relationship. But there is something very sweet about their fumbling advances from friends as close as brothers—into lovers. So for now, I let them set the pace ... but the powers that be have an itchy clicky finger.

Humanizing and obsessing over my sims? You bet! But I've more or less accepted that at this point, these two are telling a story—even if they are just a simulation.

Meanwhile, I also bear pretty and pointless pictures.

To test out some piercings on a wider range of sims, I switched households for a moment (and didn't save after, because I just can't bare to abandon Ghost and Aaron right now)—and went to Tomi's household to find Dominic:

I just liked this shot of Dominic, is all
Chatting to a townie and looking like the handsome devil that he is.

For all my love of Tomi and my fondness for Robert and Jacob's household, I find it's Dominic that I miss playing most. He's not as obviously distinctive but spend a few minutes around him and he's just hilarious. Dominic is a demanding snob with an ego the size of a nation-state and a suspiciously dark heart—and yet he's surprisingly personable and a very convincing flirt.

I've seen him burn waffles to crumbling charcoal, and then turn around and brag to the next passerby about his culinary prowess. I've seen him reject a woman's advances until they shared a long conversation about their shared love for cold hard cash—and then he started hitting on her. I've seen him try to pick up complete strangers, express perfect confusion when they turn him down—and then use another pickup line. He's intelligent and sociable and can't see an inch beyond his own remarkably well-shaped nose, and he is delightful. I miss him.

Oh yeah and he takes pretty photos.

Here, have a pretty shot of Ghost, too. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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