Sep. 8th, 2009

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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Just an average morning in this house
I love what counts as a totally normal morning in this house.
(Ghost has been waking up earlier to catch a few extra moments with Aaron—and the dead.)

+37 pictures: sex, painting, theft, coping, a right mess, and love: another week or two. )

In the same vein, the writing for this time is about how Aaron helped Ghost though his last bit of sleep troubles. Aaron doesn't really know that he helped—but even if he's no good at reaching out, his concern is visible in all that he does.

Storybit 05: Aaron picks Ghost up from work.
900 words
Takes place at the same time as this picture from this update.
Resolves Storybit 02: Ghost dreams of death from this update.
Contains swearing and allusions to sex.

It's been a foul day. )

So. I'm planning to take a short break from Ghost and Aaron to play with an overstuffed household and potentially some more genetics. As with Nika's household, there'll probably be less blogging and less story as that goes, but I'm so addicted to picspams that I expect there shall still be some. I'm confident that I'll return to Ghost and Aaron before long—they're just too precious to leave.

Before that, though, some truly random Ghost and Aaron humor. I am (no surprise, after Second Life) addicted to custom content; as such I spend plentiful time demoing new items. I stumbled across a (shiny!) skin which I had not tried before and thought I'd check it out, so I installed it and had the boys strip down and was playing Barbie—er, Ken doll. Meanwhile I'd forgotten that Emily was in the house but, oh, not the boys! As soon as they were free they both made nakey beelines across the house to go chat with her.

So if it looks like Aaron is insulting Emily's family in the nude... +3 pictures of naked boybum. )

Everyone has lost all memory of these events, as they do of most of my CC demos, and obviously I have scrapped the (shiny!) skins, but yeps, it amused me.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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