Sep. 16th, 2009

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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

So I said that I was going to take a break from Ghost and Aaron and I really will—but first I spent another few days with them, because I find them awfully hard to leave. So you all get a few more pictures of the boys—just a short update, and then I have a few more from the new household.

Imaging how Aaron transported this newest acquisition amuses me
Imagining how Aaron transported this newest acquisition amuses me.
Slung over his shoulders? Tied onto the roof the car?
It's pretty conspicuous either way but you bet he went about it without a moment's hesitation.

+17 pictures: Work, reading, promotions, and honest discussion: Just a few days. )

Aaron had the day off, and they spent it together. Not just making love, but talking—about many things, Aaron's job included. Ghost didn't come right out and say "I know that you steal things, and I've decided I don't mind"—but he came pretty damn close. And once he had, he discovered it wasn't so difficult to say or to accept. I may write this scene out sometime, but for now I leave the boys (for real this time): They are content, working hard and perhaps closer now than before, but Ghost's thoughts are heavy.

The storybit this time ties in a bit with events from this update. It's a piece of writing I've been worrying over for a good while now—my original version of the scene took a wrong turn and required an entire rewrite; this version is accurate but it makes me slightly uncomfortable and so it's been difficult to complete. Ghost rolls with the punches perhaps more than he should—it's a part of his personality, without it he and his relationship with Aaron would be very different, but it's not always a good thing. This same discomfort is what Ghost faces in this picture update, and neither of us quite know how to resolve it.

Storybit 06: Aaron questions Ghost's sexual history.
1900 words
Takes place shortly before the events in this update and references events in this update.
Contains foul language and a brief depiction of sex.

"I'm absolutely not jealous," Aaron says. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update
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So, for a change of pace: I'm switching over to an overstuffed (thank you, Awesomemod) house comprised of one landlady and her ten boarders.

The house is three stories. The first and second stories contain 12 bedrooms (10 occupied; sleeps up to 21; there are 2 cribs with room for more) and 6 bathrooms. There's an eat-in kitchen, a formal dining room, and four common rooms. The third floor is an attic which is part junk room and part activity room. The grounds contain a large front porch and a small back garden with vegetable patch. The house is fully furnished and decorated. I built it myself. It took forever and turned out wonderfully—which you all may never get to see because photoing it would be a ton of work.

More important than the house is, of course, those that live in it:

The new crew
The new crew. (Bigger better.)

Meet all eleven. )

So then, that's the new crew. This household will be more play, less story. With eleven folk in the house, I'm playing with a lot of autonomy for maximum amusement and to save my sanity—I wouldn't even want to try micromanaging that many sims. Concurrently, this first update comes with plenty of funny events which are pretty meaningless on the large scale. Ah, but they amuse me. So we begin:

20 images of housemates, sleeping arrangements, Deathtoilet, and a strange visit from Dominic. )

Skylar and Rose don't get along with many people save for each other, where they indulge in immature passions which no one else shares. Indeed, they reject meaningful connections to anyone but one another. Hal is adorable, I have a soft spot for Michael, Sai is so beautiful, Matson amuses me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of kids Manson and Sarah make (because we all saw that coming)—but Rose and Skylar are my true favorites in this household so far. (The same night as this picture, they stayed at the park until dawn, just hanging out together.)

That's all for this time!

(Help me, I cannot stop listening to this album. Every time I think I can finally stop, Zydrate Anatomy comes on again and I end up keeping it on for another playthrough.)


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