Oct. 26th, 2009

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Completely unrelated to these reviews: As I am wont to do in autumn, many of my energies are currently turned outward to the beautiful world around me; ironically (because my mental resources are so limited), this extroversion makes me very quiet of the internet. So if I seem to be ignoring you, rest assured it is not you—it is everyone! I am distracted by beautiful weather, busy with my guinea pigs, watching anime and reading manga, and drowning myself in lovely scents. I am content and indeed alive but it will take me longer than usual to get back to people or post interactive content like, you know, Sims 3 stuff. Rest assured I shall return before long. And now: more BPAL reviews!

SCHEREZADE (GC, Bewitching Brews)
Saffron and Middle Eastern spices swirled through sensual red musk.
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Verdict: I like Sherezade, but I feel like it's missing something. It's a lovely scent rich with red musk and warm spices, but it's oddly indistinct, hard to pin down and difficult to describe. The red musk is so predominant that it's easy to loop in with other red musk blends—the spices, while enjoyable, aren't enough to make it distinctive. Similarly while I enjoy it, I'm not bowled head over heels. I think I'll keep my imp, and I imagine pulling it out for an hour or two of intimate, warm snuggling. But as pleasant as it is, this blend isn't in any way remarkable.

DEPRAVED (GC, Ars Amatoria)
Earthy black patchouli swelling with apricot.
This was a frimp from the Lab, but one I've been interested in trying—I'm fond of dirty fruit scents.
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Verdict: This may be a good blend for a room scent or a scent locket, because in the vial the combination of sharp, bright apricot and smooth, warm dirt is unique and quite lovely—I'm not crazy about it, but I like it well enough. On my skin, though, too much sharpness is lost and the end result is just a little too musty, a little too much like playdoh, dirty in an unpleasant way. My boyfriend wrinkled his nose at it and I'm about to wash it off, so I don't imagine I'll ever wear this. Since I prefer scents I can wear on my skin, I'll probably trade it away. Still, it was nice to have the chance to try it.

VIXEN (GC, Ars Amatoria)
The innocence of orange blossom tainted by the beguiling scents of ginger and patchouli.
I picked up an imp of this in search for a scent similar to Heaven and Earth Essential's Black Cat.
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Verdict: Vixen is lovely. It's remarkably similar to HAEE's Black Cat (Vixen is a bit smoother, less sweet, and less cloying, but the orange blossom/patchouli combination is the distinctive heart of both blends) and so in that respect it's exactly what I was looking for. But it's also beautiful in its own right. Sweet but dark, rich and beautiful, this unique blend with great throw and I can't stop sniffing myself. It's a real winner for me—I'm smitten. I only wish it remained gloriously strong for longer, but this is one that I will be happy to reapply.

ANATHEMA (GC, Sin & Salvation)
A scent as heavy as thunder from the Vatican, with notes that inspire every sin and excess. Black opium, with vetivert and honeysuckle.
This was a frimp from the Lab, and one which I'd not have ordered on my own—I don't have high expectations from honeysuckle.
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Verdict: I'm honestly not sure what to think. I've been developing a love of vetiver for a while now, and so this blend scratches that itch—vetiver is the star, and the accompanying notes do a lot to keep it smooth and palatable. But the honeysuckle is so unusual, so distinctive, that the scent keeps catching me unawares. It's a bit disquieting—which fits the inspiration well, but may not make for a very wearable perfume. That said, I'm keeping my imp. This is too unique (and too unexpectedly successful) a blend for me to let pass by, even if I don't think I'll wear it much.

LUST (GC, Sin & Salvation)
Uncontrollable passion and insatiable sexual desire: red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh.
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Verdict: I'm not a fan of many florals, but ylang ylang is one of my sometimes-exceptions—and so it's not unpleasant for it to pop its head up in this blend. Still, I already have some lovely ylang ylang scents; moreover I absolutely adore the spicy red musk of this scent in its first hour and I'm heartbroken to see it pushed aside. I'm not quite sure what to do with Lust—it's beautiful to be sure, but not quite what I wanted. I imagine I'll trade away my imp eventually, but I'll hang onto it for a bit before I decide.


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