May. 7th, 2010

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When weaning myself off Sims 3 last go-around, I was left with the awkward situation of pics taken but not posted. So, as a way of weaning myself back on (which makes no sense as a turn of phrase), I present: old pics of the Boarders and Silverman-Moore (because, let's be honest: they're taking over) household.

When we last saw this household, Manson and Sarah were busy repopulating the planet with one more baby (and their last) while their other children made forays into childhood and adolescence, Matson was dumping one guy and picking up another because what else is new?, and Skylar was mooning over men he'll never have.

This time:

Mariella may be the cutest thing ever
Mariella is adorable. No, really: the wonder that is Mariella is a big trend here.

As for the rest: naked ladies, inappropriate romance, and a beautiful family growing up: +21 photos. )

Once the Silverman-Moores move out I imagine most of the rest of the household will stay: ageless ancient Colette to run the place with a motley crew of occupants sharing a communal space while they go about their lives. Matson isn't even halfway yet in her quest towards romantic decimation; Skylar and Rose still have a story to tell and I may return to them with more focus in the future. And maybe someone in the crew will pop out a kid for future, more diverse breeding stock...

Wow, this all sounds awfully final! It's not. Because only now can I finally return to playing the game...

I'm baaaaaack!


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