May. 24th, 2010

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I should mention, before I'm distracted by the overlong post to follow: If you missed it over the weekend but might be interested in downloading, I've uploaded my pseudo-self sim, Nika Sarto, for your pleasure.

This is a slightly unusual update, because getting The Sims running again was buggy to start, and I spent some time randomly househopping to get a feel for things. So there's more themes and beginning and rediscovered footing than there is story, this time—yet I still manged to take a good number of shots. Less talk (don't worry, they're be plenty later) and more action! So then:

The very first bug: the food system broke. Absolutely, completely, and for a while I didn't notice.
Which meant no one ate while I was sitting there going YOU KNOW WHERE THE FRIDGE IS GUYS, USE IT.
Before anyone starved, I had Ghost order pizza. I think it was a lucky thing no one died of food poisoning.

Bugs and strangeness, househopping and events in the park, music and theft: +38 photos. )

Aaron watching Ghost play the guitar
So the boys are quietly content save for the sound of music in the house...
...Ghost with his Lady and Aaron with his Ghost.

They have not always, of course, been so. I append to this post a stoybit that I wrote ages ago. I considered a different selection for this post, but wasn't able to get one finished; and in a way, this one is suiting because I allude above to the fact that Ghost attracts male attention. I've mentioned it a few times, in fact: above, with Terry; here, with Jude; here, with Skylar. As if with a sixth sense, some people sense in Ghost a passive, receptive, moreover accepting partner. With the exception of his high school girlfriend, his past sexual partners have been one night stands, have been casual hookups, have overlapped and repeated, and what unites them is that they have been based in what the other person desired: what they wanted, he acquiesced to. For Ghost, this wasn't self-denial or self-punishment. Being and fulfilling what others wanted was, in a way, what he wanted.

I usually try not to write huge introductions to the storybits. I prefer that they speak for themselves. But I give this one such an intro because it is in part a view of Ghost's past—not an average encounter, but not too far off—and foreshadowing of the changes to come. (Now that I'm finally recording a precise chronology of events—I know these boys well, but need help to keep dates straight—I'm keenly aware of where it falls in the timeline.) I'm also nervous about any content which isn't strictly Ghost/Aaron, and more nervous about jumping back in with talk of sex, so I feel the need to pad it with explanations. Explanations done, to the fiction!

Storybit 08: The night with Nathan.
2300 words
Takes place when Aaron has been living with Ghost and Sylvie for a year. (Current events take place one year later.)
Contains brief but explicit descriptions of sex and some foul language.

Ghost is sitting on the library steps nursing a beer when this guy comes up to him. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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