Feb. 11th, 2012

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Ghost and Aaron: Master List

Aaron and dirty laundry
So hey guys guess what.
I got Sims up and running again.

I don't know how stable it is, so I'm doing mildless exploration and tests as I find out—but it's performing fine so far. Thanks to some fantastic gifts from [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes, I now have Late Night, Generations, and Pets. I haven't really played since World Adventures. I never even did a load of laundry with Ambitions. It's going to be awesome.

Ghost and Aaron: laundry, the park, a party; nothing revelatory but there's something there. +10 pictures. )

I figure that the Silverman-Moore girls—Penny and Andrea—will be the ones to play around with new Generations content, as things progress with their respective romantic interests. Orwell has always been a little vampire goth boy, and Late Night means he can go from wannabe to the luminescent real thing. And, well, if you need Nika...

If you need Nika...
She's probably off befriending every animal in town.

Or perhaps just one specific cat: +9 of Nika. )

Fingers crossed that my game continues to function as well as it is now, for there is suddenly so much to do. It feels fantastic to play again, and I'm eager to do it all.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List


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