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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

I should mention, before I'm distracted by the overlong post to follow: If you missed it over the weekend but might be interested in downloading, I've uploaded my pseudo-self sim, Nika Sarto, for your pleasure.

This is a slightly unusual update, because getting The Sims running again was buggy to start, and I spent some time randomly househopping to get a feel for things. So there's more themes and beginning and rediscovered footing than there is story, this time—yet I still manged to take a good number of shots. Less talk (don't worry, they're be plenty later) and more action! So then:

The very first bug: the food system broke. Absolutely, completely, and for a while I didn't notice.
Which meant no one ate while I was sitting there going YOU KNOW WHERE THE FRIDGE IS GUYS, USE IT.
Before anyone starved, I had Ghost order pizza. I think it was a lucky thing no one died of food poisoning.

Nice to see you again, Cornelius! Is the floating thing new?
(No, really. It is new, right?)

Then Aaron went to work late and in need of a bathroom break.
Then he got out of the car and peed himself off the side of the road.
He got home stinky and ... yeah, Aaron, it all confuses me too.

Anyhow. I fixed the food bug instead of leaving the boys to starve, and then there was carbonara, and it was good.

Because some things never change.

And then Aaron forgot where the bed was and nearly passed out in the kitchen—I had to tell him to go to bed.

Normally I write all my narration in present tense, but the bugs are very much a past thing now, thank goodness. That means stuff is running better, but also throws my narrative into messy tense-confusion. Oh well. I fixed the food, got all my mods in place, cleaned out mods that have died over the approximative forty billion patches since I last played, patched without overmuch difficulty, and because of [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes (and her awesome, useful friends) I even combined packages to get things running smoother and faster. I'm currently dealing with five to ten minute loading times, but the game runs smooth as silk and saves dependably, so that's an evil I'm willing to accept. Moving on then to a smidgen more in the way of storytelling, some gleeful housejumping, and present tense:

Ghost dreams of the cops
This is new too, right? The dream-bubbles, I mean.
Not Ghost's worry about Aaron's work. That's old hat. And deserves a storybit, sometime.

Ghost is having something near a love affair with his guitar. Let's call her "Lady." It's suiting.
She is his darling and, as Aaron still works nights, his most constant companion.
(It was at about this point that I noticed my graphics were set to "shit" and started to improve things.)

The good news is that Aaron is not jealous in regards to Ghost's love affair.
In fact, I think he loves Ghost's music just as much as Ghost does. It's been their bonding point, lately.

World's cutest supportive boyfriend?
And he may indeed be the world's cutest supportive boyfriend.

Oh, irony
But oh, the irony. (See it larger.)

"Aaron tried singing during a lunch-break karaoke session at work today. It was a bad idea. Aaron's co-workers left the session having heard sounds that no Sim should ever be exposed to. We'll just say the co-workers weren't laughing with Aaron today." No forming a band then, darlings. (Ghost does sing a bit, and with a bit more skill, but only for Aaron.)

This is just a pretty shot of Aaron
Aaron does have a few skills of his own—like looking lovely.
In other words: this is just another pretty portrait. I never get tired of photoing him, though.

Anyhow. There's a few new men in town and I'm itching to get some genetic play going, so I thought I'd spend some time with the Silverman-Moores and get Penny and Andrea a few steps closer to careers, independence, romance, and of course breeding—because God says so. The Silverman-Moores, excepting Terry (the eldest) have moved out of the Boarders house and are now living in Manson's childhood home—he inherited it from his mother, let's say, when Nevera and Dakota moved out of town to retire. (Nika moved next door to my dreamhome, which is only suiting for my would-be selfsim). So if you ever find yourself looking at a shot going "I think I know that house..." you now know why.

I suppose that just because he's you're father doesn't mean you need to like his artistic career.

I bounce around town pretty shamelessly when playing this family, and therefore saw this:

I call it: "Art, with yeti."

A handyman in love
And this is a handyman in love. With whom, or what? No idea.
He ran into the park hands a-clasped, sighed, and then ran back out. Maybe an almost-romance, long remembered?
(Do you remember this guy? He and Nika almost had a thing, until he showed up in ugly clothes.)

They may all share blood, but that doesn't make Mariella any easier for Penny and Sarah to understand.

Case in point: Here she is going to school after staying up until dawn talking to the houseplants.

And then the Boarders showed up at the park, and it was awesome.
So my NPC sims have a special habit of getting stuck with smelly moodlets. Yes, even when their hygiene is high.
I have to kill it manually. Yes, that's annoying.

Careful, Penny
Careful, Penny. This is how it begins.
I honestly don't remember when Penny grew to be an adult. I came back and she just was.
So now she's an adult who swings, because once you start you just can't stop.

Colette pushing Rose on the swings
Colette pushing Rose on the swings was so cuteweird I almost died.

Tell us how you really feel about Skylar
Come on guys, tell us how you really feel about Skylar.

As the afternoon wore on, Ghost showed up to listen to (and play a bit of) music in the park.
Terry had a hard time keeping his eyes off him. Sometimes it seems guys can just sense it...
Because, you know, he's the type of guy Ghost would have slept with—before Aaron.

Penny is just so pretty
In other news, Penny is pretty and this picture is pretty.

Colette on the swings
Jesus Christ it's like a virus I swear. You catch it and then you're done for.
Colette is 80 years old and adorable.

Sorry about that bedroom there, Luci
I thought I should check in on the sims I have from [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes, and, uh...
Sorry about that there bedroom, Luci. This is why I need to build new homes.

The family that jams together...
The family that jams together ... something something. Seriously, they all love music.
But Mariella's not invited to the concert, apparently.

Oooooh sparkles
It's okay, hun. I have special things for you. Like sparkles!

"I look just like my mom."
This would be: "Ah shit, I look just like my mom."

Mariella, all grown up
She doesn't, though. But she is pretty. And she chopped off her hair, to celebrate her coming of age I suppose.
Don't let her fool ya, though. Girl's still crazy.

Househopping a bit I stopped by to check in on Mouse (remember Mouse?), only to discover...

Ghost visits Mouse
Ghost making a visit. So I switched to the boys.

Aaron visiting Mouse
For where goes Ghost, so often goes Aaron. Poor Mouse.

Aaron steals Mouse's game console
No, really, poor Mouse. Because pretty much the first thing Aaron does is pocket her game console.
(Mouse lives in an awesome burrow house with a false top [see the above shots] and underground garden.)

Aaron all but bragging about his theft
Then he wanders upstairs to all but brag about his theft.
(Then they danced while Ghost played guitar, but no photos because no one needs to look like that much of a dork.)

Aaron uses Mouse's shower
Then, after eating her food and clogging up her toilet, Aaron borrows her shower....
And then steals it. Yes, really. He is basically the world's worst house guest.
(Ghost meanwhile provided lovely musical entertainment and deep conversation.)

Aaron's commitment to work has been spotty lately, arriving late and forgoing exercise in the meantime—but whatever. They've built up a bit of savings, so he has room for irresponsibility. And this night, with Ghost staying late at Mouse's and Aaron getting back from some half-assed work meant that for a change...

Ghost dreams while Aaron comes to bed
They actually share a bed (which seems it must suit Ghost, if he so dreams of touch).

And then they dreamed of death
...and then they dream of death. Well, Ghost has enough practice with that, and they sleep well.

The current klepto treasure trove
So, then. The current klepto treasure trove, because with the shower it's a sight to see.
(Aaron had to move a chair and Cornelius's headstone to fit it in, to say nothing of getting it home in the first place.)

Current contents: two benches, three chairs, a chess table, an armchair, a coffee table, a trashcan, five lights (one standing, one ground, one wall, two overhead), two headstones, one clock, one vase, one TV, one game console, two sinks, and honest to goodness shower, a statue of Grim, and a car (all but TV, console, and car stored in the trove).

Aaron playing on his new stolen game console
Because, goodness knows, Aaron needs another excuse to sit around in his underwear.

Aaron watching Ghost play the guitar
So the boys are quietly content save for the sound of music in the house...
...Ghost with his Lady and Aaron with his Ghost.

They have not always, of course, been so. I append to this post a stoybit that I wrote ages ago. I considered a different selection for this post, but wasn't able to get one finished; and in a way, this one is suiting because I allude above to the fact that Ghost attracts male attention. I've mentioned it a few times, in fact: above, with Terry; here, with Jude; here, with Skylar. As if with a sixth sense, some people sense in Ghost a passive, receptive, moreover accepting partner. With the exception of his high school girlfriend, his past sexual partners have been one night stands, have been casual hookups, have overlapped and repeated, and what unites them is that they have been based in what the other person desired: what they wanted, he acquiesced to. For Ghost, this wasn't self-denial or self-punishment. Being and fulfilling what others wanted was, in a way, what he wanted.

I usually try not to write huge introductions to the storybits. I prefer that they speak for themselves. But I give this one such an intro because it is in part a view of Ghost's past—not an average encounter, but not too far off—and foreshadowing of the changes to come. (Now that I'm finally recording a precise chronology of events—I know these boys well, but need help to keep dates straight—I'm keenly aware of where it falls in the timeline.) I'm also nervous about any content which isn't strictly Ghost/Aaron, and more nervous about jumping back in with talk of sex, so I feel the need to pad it with explanations. Explanations done, to the fiction!

Storybit 08: The night with Nathan.
2300 words
Takes place when Aaron has been living with Ghost and Sylvie for a year. (Current events take place one year later.)
Contains brief but explicit descriptions of sex and some foul language.

* * * * *

Ghost is sitting on the library steps nursing a beer when this guy comes up to him. It's dusk in the autumn and it's cool out, so Ghost wears an old white sweater he picked up at a thrift store a few years ago. Campus is quiet—it's not the best for people-watching, with the students transitioning from day to night, from work to play, a few still walking down the library stairs and a few more heading in groups towards the cafeteria. But it's peaceful and Ghost enjoys it. This guy probably came from the library, because he has a bookbag slung over his shoulder, but Ghost wasn't really paying attention and so he can't be sure.

"I'm sorry," the guy says. "Hi. I don't mean to sound creepy, but are you Ghost?"

Ghost puts his beer down on the step between his knees and nods. "I am. How do you know me?"

"I'm Nathan," the guy says. He pauses for a moment but then takes a seat on the step beside Ghost, getting a bit caught in the strap of his bag. "I'm a friend of Everett and he mentioned you. I'm really trying not to sound like a stalker or anything, but it's hard not to recognize a guy with white hair."

"It's no worry," Ghost says, and retrieves his beer. He takes another sip, tilts the can towards Nathan, and says, "I'd offer you a drink but this all I have."

"No, it's fine. So—" For a moment Nathan seems at loss for what to say, but Ghost doesn't rush him. He takes a slow look at Nathan before going back to his beer, and the night grows blue around them. Nathan's cheeks are cragged by old acne scars and he has carries a bit of weight which shows through his sweatshirt, but he's not a bad looking guy—he has a nice, wide smile even if he's feeling uncomfortable and his hair is glossy and dark and he wears it shaggy, which suits him. "You don't go to school here, do you?" Nathan asks eventually.

"No, I just come for the atmosphere."

Nathan looks over and raises his eyebrows. "You're kidding, right?"

"Mostly, yeah."

"Good, because the atmosphere here sucks."

"It's not all that bad. So what are you studying?"

And after a few minutes they're in comfortable conversation, comfortable as two strangers can be. Nathan's a political science major and he seems to actually enjoy his studies, which surprises Ghost—most of the college kids he meets make a point not to give a damn about school. When he asks what Ghost does and Ghost says, "Nothing much," Nathan doesn't push the issue. He has a nice voice and he keeps his nose in his own business, and Ghost doesn't mind talking to him. But he's pretty sure that Nathan didn't pick him out as a conversationalist.

The night is deep when Ghost finishes his beer and sets the can back down on the step. Nathan glances over and says, "Oh, sorry. Do you want to, I don't know, go grab a drink or something? Unless I'm keeping you."

"One's enough for me," Ghost says, and Nathan looks disappointed. "But I could do for a coffee."

"Coffee? Sure. I think the place on campus is—"

"Maybe you have some at home that you could make for me?" Ghost says, and it takes Nathan a moment to catch on but when he does, he grins.

"College student," he says, and swings his bookbag onto his shoulder as he stands. "Of course I do. Come on, it's not a long walk."

Ghost pinned Nathan as an apartment-liver, and he's right. The place is a mess and Nathan apologizes for it, but Ghost doesn't mind. Nathan apologizes for kissing him too, but Ghost doesn't mind that either.

"This is awkward," Nathan says. They're in a living room which opens into a kitchen; there's a few doors down the hall and more than enough mess for two people, but Nathan doesn't seem to be worried about his roommate getting back—he's more concerned about his hand on the back of Ghost's neck. He drops it and looks away. "It's okay if you want to leave."

"It's fine," Ghost says. "And I don't want to leave." Nathan isn't Ghost's usual type. Usually, Ghost doesn't have to invite himself over to other men's houses. Usually they do that for him. But what he says is still true: he wants to be here. There's something about Nathan that he likes, and the evening is long, and there's a possibility he went onto campus hoping to get laid.

"You're sure?" Nathan asks.

This time Ghost just nods, but his thoughts must be conveyed in his expression because Nathan kisses him again and it's a bit less awkward this time. Ghost can almost feel it as Nathan pushes his nerves aside, a squaring of the jaw that comes with the conscious decision to be brave, now. And he is. He pulls Ghost tight against him and his kisses are deep, and as their hips meet Ghost breathes deep the rich musk of Nathan's skin.

Ghost tries to remember what he's done with Everett that Everett might have told Nathan and Nathan might have remembered well enough to start a conversation with the white-haired guy on the library steps—but he and Everett have hooked up a couple of times and none of them stand out in Ghost's mind. He figures maybe it's nothing specific. Maybe Nathan just heard one too many stories, and got curious. Maybe Nathan has always been curious, but didn't know who to turn to. Anyone's better than Everett, Ghost thinks. That guy may be a decent fuck, but he's a jackass.

Nathan's probably never touched another guy this way before. But—as he unzips Ghost's jeans—he's certainly getting the hang of it now. Some of it comes naturally, and his hands pushing up Ghost's sweater and running over his chest are warm and slightly calloused and hold Ghost like a lover. Some of it he's picking up fast, because while he falters a bit the first time he sees Ghost's dick he wraps his lips around it soon enough, and what he lacks in learned skill he makes up with raw effort.

It's pretty good, actually.

There's also a pleasure in being Nathan's first—because Ghost is certain by now that he is. Of course Nathan's had partners before, he's a wonderful kisser and he knows how to move his hips and he doesn't come too fast, fucking Ghost in one of the equally messy bedrooms down the hall. He's not stupid, either, he's done his research, can find his way around Ghost's body and doesn't need Ghost to hold his hand. But Nathan has unraveled as the night has gone on, he's lost all self-consciousness and now he has his eyes closed and he's salty with sweat, his breath is raw and he keeps grunting out little fragments: "Jesus, Ghost." Panting in between his words. "You're so tight." His voice is rough and raw and it's dropped half an octave. "You're amazing. Incredible." It's hard not to get swept away by his passion, and Ghost finds himself caught up in the glory of Nathan's discovery. There's nothing too special about this night and this man but Ghost fists the bedsheets and lifts his hips, meeting Nathan's thrusts with his own and echoing his moans. Watching Nathan in the low light of a single desk lamp, Ghost loses himself in the sensations: the slide of Nathan's cock in his ass and the slickness of Nathan's tongue on his neck and the tightening in his balls as he draws closer to orgasm.

It's pretty damn good.

Afterward Nathan flops over on his back, naked and sweat-damp and, Ghost thinks, cute. "It feels cliché," Nathan says, "but I actually want a cig. Do you smoke?"


"Too bad. My roommate does but I'm way too lazy to ransack his room looking for a pack. That was fucking incredible. I didn't know it could be so good."

Ghost smiles and stretches out. He feels—self-satisfied, actually. He's proud of himself, and stumbling upon that fact makes him chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, really. It's just that you're right, that was wonderful." Nathan doesn't quite look sure whether to be worried or relieved, so Ghost rolls over and runs a hand through Nathan's wavy, dark, damp hair. He curls his fingers behind Nathan's ear, smiles, and says, "I'm glad you recognized me."

"Me too, man. Me too."

Ghost enjoys himself a little bit longer, relaxing in the comfort of Nathan's bed and taking another taste of Nathan himself as they curl around one another and share lengthy, lazy kisses. But before things can run too long he pulls away. "I should head home," he says, pushing himself to sitting and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. "I've a roommate of my own who'll be wondering where I am."

Nathan pushes himself up on one elbow. When Ghost starts to root for his clothes he asks, "You want to shower first or anything?"

"Nah, it can wait." Ghost has his pants and underwear in one hand, his tank and sweater in another, and he tilts his head and looks at Nathan. "I like the scent of you on my skin."

Nathan's grin is wide and rakish, and it's almost enough to make Ghost drop his clothes and ask to spend the night. But Nathan sits up and finds some clothes for himself—a different shirt than he was wearing earlier, who knows if it's clean, but it keeps him covered. "At least let me give you a ride home," he says, and Ghost shrugs and says, "Thanks."

It's in the car that Nathan asks, "Can I call you sometime?"

"Sure. Do you have a cell? I'll put in my number."

Nathan pulls a flip phone from his pocket and hands it over. As Ghost figures out the controls he says, "It's my home phone, though. I don't have a cell yet. So I won't always be there to answer it."

"And no late-night booty calls."

Ghost smiles, flipping the phone closed again. "And no late-night booty calls, sure. But early evenings are fair game." The heat of the moment has passed and things are a bit awkward between them again—they've become just two strangers in a car. But Nathan's weak humor keeps the mood light and he really does seem like a nice guy. Despite expectations he's a pretty good lay too, and Ghost wouldn't mind seeing him again. He's not sure he will, though. It all depends on Nathan.

Ghost doesn't really mind either way. He had a good evening and that's all he asks for—but when he climbs out of Nathan's car into a night so cold and clear that it cuts right though his sweater he feels a little pale, a little tired, a little melancholy. Nathan gives him a sweet smile before driving off. When Ghost opens the front door it's late, past midnight, around two or three, he's not sure. The street is dead silent in Nathan's absence, but in the house Aaron is still awake, in the dark with the TV on, watching a movie that Ghost doesn't recognize. He's sprawled out on the couch in just his underwear, and he turns and looks at Ghost when he comes into the room.

"You were out late," Aaron says, and grins. "Have a good time?"

"Yeah, I guess." Ghost wears the scent of sex wrapped like cloth around him, and he's certain that Aaron can smell it. "What did you do with your evening?"

Aaron lays back on the couch—he's been sleeping on it for so long now that he sinks into it as if it's as comfortable as a bed. The sheet below him is rumpled and climbing its way down to the floor. Light from the TV flickers over his skin and his closed eyes are just black smudges in the dark. "I took a walk, would you believe it?" Aaron says. "Sounds boring but it was really nice. Sometimes I forget that out here there are no nosy neighbors to spot me out their window and call home to Mommy—I can go wherever the fuck I please and no one knows me. Plus it was a nice night, yeah? Did that and watched a shitty movie. Wanna stay up and finish this one with me?"

"Ah—no thanks," says Ghost. His skin itches for a shower. "I think I'll get ready for bed. It's about that time."

"True." Aaron cracks his eyes, a glint in the dark, and Ghost realizes that Aaron sort of looks like Nathan—if Nathan dropped a few pounds and trimmed his hair, but in the dark their skin molts the same way and they have similar builds and the same thin shadow of hair running just below the navel. The similarity is a surprise. Ghost could swear he didn't notice it before, but now it's all that he can see. Aaron by the light of the TV, Nathan by the light of a dim desk lamp: lying around damn near nude, pale skin and wide mouths and shadowed faces. It's eerie. And it's making Ghost a little horny, but he's not sure who he's lusting after—Nathan, or Aaron.

"Earth to Ghost."


"You totally spaced out on me there, man. Should get your ass to bed. You must have had a hell of a night." Aaron grins like he's sharing Ghost's secret. That makes Ghost uncomfortable—and Ghost isn't often uncomfortable.

"Nah, nothing special," he says, and glances at the TV. A gunfight is either starting or ending, and Ghost still has no idea what Aaron's watching. "I'm just tired."

"Well—sleep well then."

"Yeah. Yeah, you too, Aaron. Good night." Although Ghost takes a shower before he sleeps, and he doesn't sleep well.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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