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I have sims, again! A healthy spam of them before I move on, because (now that AwesomeMod is working) I can get ready to return to my base game, so this is the end of the Sydel legacy. Perhaps, however, it would be most accurate to call this update...

Orwell through a window
The Life and Times of Orwell, With Interludes
Because, you see, once I started playing Orwell I could barely care for anything else.

Orwell playing in the sprinkler
He's adorable and geeky and a little dark around the edges, and I love him.

Michaela hugs her ghostly husband
There are still many others in the house, though.
Some alive, some not so much. (This is Michaela with her deceased husband.)

Granny Helena still has sticky fingers
Granny Helena continues to amuse me with her sticky fingers.

Marriages are pretty informal, around here
As we continue the breeding chain, marriages are pretty informal 'round this house.
Like, say, in front of the fridge.
(This is ... Lenora and David. I actually have to check to remember all who's who.)

On a tight schedule
They are, after all, generally on a tight schedule.

The incredibly basic, boring Sydel home
Speaking of the house: this is an aerial view of the place. It is almost painfully boring...
Yet, ironically, perhaps the best house layout (in terms of pure usability) I've had so far.
It's just so simple, and with big families and bugs and route fails that counts for a lot.

Back to Orwell and—ohshit, it's surprise teen!Nika!

They're just so perfect for one another. Is this a self-insert fanfic? I can't even tell.

Their love, it is so epic and true. Seriously, they get along wonderfully and I ship it like ... like a really big boat.

Orwell's teenage hobby: staying out after curfew.
The irony is: this time he was at Nika's house—just across the street from his own.

His dad just doesn't understand. Francis, by the way, is great as an old man, which seems only appropriate.
(They're standing on their front lawn. The house behind Orwell? Nika's house. It's absurd.)

Pallas meets her great-grandmother Dakota
The great thing about legacies: Pallas meets her great-grandmother Dakota. That's pretty awesome.

Innnnnteresting work uniform there, Francis.

I've rarely seen a couple quite as passionate as Lenora and David. (All the way through their old age, actually.)
It may explain why they had three kids: Pallas, Quinn, and Rianna. Unique, hit-and-miss facial structures in this line.

Putting out a fire, David: you're doing it wrong.
(I shoulda said: Man, you ain't that hot. That would have been funnier, right?)

Oh shit it's birthday time! Like Nika, I am ridiculously excited.

Because this is how Orwell turns out, all growed up.
Yep, I still love him. He's shy and geeky and neurotic...

And on his way towards being a rock star. Oh yeah.

Orwell orders you begone from the bedroom, for it is woohoo time.
(The danger of shared bedrooms, this.)

Francis dies of old age...
Francis, meanwhile, finally dies of old age.

And I'm all like: where the hell did he get that? Also: Oh hell no.

He was like the man that would not die.

Until I killed him, later that night in the same place.

What? Don't look at me like that. I needed the room for baby-making.

They sure do know how to make me feel bad about killing him off, though.

Random interlude! Just in case you were wondering: yes, I still have naked townies.

Orwell is an adorable father-to-be
Orwell, meanwhile, is an adorable father-to-be.

Woah there, Sibyl
Their daughter, Sibyl, is adorable in her own special way.
She's another insane sim. I just can't help myself.

I love this family so much
I love this family so much I actually turned off aging to spend more time with them (and see Sibyl age up well).
For serious. Orwell and probably Sibyl will definitely go in my real game.

Proof there is another family in the household
I offer proof that there is, indeed, another family in this household.
That's David, Quinn, Rianna, Lenora, and Pallas. Old!David is perhaps my favorite old sim ever.

Looks like you missed a nail, Orwell
Looks like you missed a nail here, Orwell.

Nika and Orwell
I was just on a boat 16 stories tall, 1020 feet long, weighing 138,000 tons.
I ship them like that.

Orwell and Sibyl
I just love this whole family.

Quinn grows up and leaves home
Members of the other family meanwhile grow up and leave home. Bye bye, Quinn.

Naked preggo Pallas
And fall in love, and get pregnant, and spend their entire pregnancy in the nude. Really.
Thanks, Pallas. Thanks.

A gnome
This is a gnome.

Lenora paints the perfect painting
Not only is this my new favorite painting ever, it is the perfect subject matter for Lenora.

Orwell spam
Does the Orwell spam bore you? Because it doesn't bore me.

You want me to do what now?
You want me to do what? Why, make more babies, of course.

A busy night
Nights be busy 'round these parts. (That's Andrew, Lenora, and Francis, who lost his hair in death.)

A cluttered memorial
And the reason why so. Each breeder gets a spot on the tree.

Teen Sibyl, how I love her
Sibyl (Nika and Orwell's daughter) grows up beautifully. This is her as a teen.
I'd apologize for my fang fetish if I were sorry.

And then in the interest of time, things sped up a lot.

Adorable Yona
Nika and Orwell have adorable twins Wren and Yona, completing the half-assed alphabet.
(Why are toddlers in the game so damn cute?)

Special Theo
Pallas's sons turn out, yanno. Special. (Actually, I love charismatic rude party-animal slob Theo, here.)

The cursed highchair
I install AwesomeMod for real this time (thus the hurry), and the very first thing I do is:
Delete that fucking broken high chair which I consigned to the backyard and sims were still trying to use.

Wonderful Theodore
I really do fall a bit in love with Theodore.

Worried Yona
To Yona's great concern, everyone grows up in hyperspeed so I can complete the family tree...

And in an epic anticlimax, I present:

The Sydel Family Tree, V. 2: Complete

The Sydel Family Tree, V. 2: Complete

This little universe which never existed spawned approximately nineteen new sims, about five of which will go in my real game. Francis, Orwell, and Sibyl create my favorite branch of the tree, but I also love Michaela and Lenora (and can't decide which of the two should go in my game, just yet) and Theodore. It's a pity you didn't see more of Ingrid, she's a beaut; either Andrew, or Gregory, or Nicholas may go in my real game as an average Joe—I developed no passionate connection to them, but they're good guys next door. I've been considering breeding Sklyar or Rose in my real game, so I should keep in mind that (since they share genes) they may both breed well. It was a fun, short cycle and refreshing, in a way, to actually do that aging and dying thing with my sims—I've never had the heart to see them through the whole life cycle, before. And man, where there a lot of ghosts.

Speaking of: I'll return to the real world now; there shall be Ghost and Aaron soon, and Penny and possibly Samson, and babies which stick 'round longer (if I've not lost my energy for breeding), and fresh blood in my world. It shall be good.
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