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Birthdate:Aug 18
Juushika (Juu) or Jessica, 30-something, she/they.

My journal is currently unlocked, although some select and many older entries are locked. Feel free to add me, and do please say hello. My journal is a home for a large number of reviews (primarily book reviews), updates on my daily life, and thoughts on my passions and pastimes. My posts are exhaustively tagged, which may be a good way to introduce yourself to my journal.

Friends are always welcome, and lurkers are too. Comment if you wish. I tend to comment only when I have something worthwhile to say.

Books are first love: I'm a voracious reader (always fiction, never high fantasy, often fantasy and scifi, with a love of obscure subgenres and classics, and of Shakespeare) and I review most of what I read. I love to discuss books and welcome recommendations and fellow readers.

My other interests include gaming (often JRPGs and indie titles; here's a list of every game I've ever played), anime/manga, and the arts. I'm an animal lover, and live with four cats and one dog, with more animals in my extended family. I'm in a committed relationship with my high school boyfriend, who I love dearly and who makes my life possible.

I live with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia; I have a history of self-harm. I'm largely housebound, and defined by my mental health issues. I also have chronic, degenerating lower back pain caused by lordosis.

Other potentially relevant details: I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ/P. I'm the most introverted person you've ever met. I'm largely atheistic, despite desires to the contrary. I'm a domestic house cat therian. I have red hair, and I'm vain about it. Sometimes I disappear from a given social media for months at a time, often without warning. I'm queer, liberal, vegetarian, and childfree.

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My email: juushika AT gmail DOT com.

See my: book reviews, BPAL reviews, video game reviews, anime reviews, manga reviews, and play reviews.
Read my fanfics (Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, others) or my Sims 3 story of Ghost and Aaron.

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My Tumblr, where I liveblog video games & other media.
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