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Birthdate:Aug 18
Juushika (Juu) or Jessica, 30-something, she/they.

Most of my current posts are unlocked. Feel free to add/interact however you see fit. I primarily post book reviews; also updates on my daily life and assorted media blogging. My posts are exhaustively tagged, which may be a good way to introduce yourself to my journal.

Ask box permanently open. Feel free to introduce yourself there, if you feel so inclined.

Books are my first love, and I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, some middle grade, some classics. I review almost everything I read. I also play video games of various genres; here's a list of every game I've ever played. I'm not particularly active in fandom, but I love comparative media, tropes, and all aspects of meta-fandom and media criticism.

Some games, genres, tropes, and themes that I regularly consume and/or discuss: Critical Role, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Halo, Overwatch, Dragon Age, Flight Rising, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Persona, indie games (especially indie horror); RPGs (especially JRPGs), roleplaying, avatar creation, life/social/relationship simulators; Let’s Plays; queer shit, unusually intimate and/or taboo relationships, polyamory, companion animals/bond creatures, artificial intelligence, sexualized violence, body horror, beasts and monsters, fictional concepts of the divine; anime and manga, especially supernatural, horror, and psychological; fantasy, sci-fi, gothic, horror (especially cosmic/existential horror), fantasy of manners, mythpunk, fairy tales and retellings, especially Red Riding Hood; metaphors for and media about depression, chronic health, pain, mental illness; marginalized content creators; tropes and “comparative media,” or: Juu traces themes through a half dozen disparate works. While we’re at it, here’s a list of my favorite books.

I like animals more than people, and have two cats, August and Gillian. My partner and I have been together since high school; he makes my life possible. I live with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia, and have a history of self-harm; I also have chronic, degenerative back pain. These conditions define my identity. Other potentially relevant details: Myers-Briggs INTJ/P, and the most introverted person you've ever met. Queer. Cultural Jew. Domestic house cat therian.

My contact information (can't see it? want to? just ask)
My email: juushika AT gmail DOT com
Discord: Juushika #3933

Flight Rising: Juushika #97124
Xbox: Juushika Juushika#1421
3DS Friend Code: 0473 8802 2618
Pokémon BW Friend Code: 3868 7319 7382
Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Code: 0433 2622 5200
TERA (Tempest Reach server): Juushika (elin female mystic) and Juuuuu (elin female reaper)
any of this information may currently be defunct

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See my: book reviews, BPAL reviews, video game reviews, anime reviews, manga reviews, and play reviews
Read my ancient fanfics (Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, others) or my Sims 3 story of Ghost and Aaron.

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