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One of the reasons why I love where I live: flash rainstorms. We woke up this morning to overcast skies (after many days of beating, blaring sun). It cleared for a bit, but then in mid afternoon the power flickered, thunder rumbled, and the sky cracked open overhead in a sudden deluge, sheets of water, rain as loud as hail, flooding the front walk in minutes. Where Devon was (on the other side of town), the rain came so hard, so fast that the drains backed up, reversed, and spewed two feet fountains out of the sinks. Over here the rain tapered off within five minutes and died to a trickle not long after, leaving the garden shaded and rain-splattered and beautiful.

[livejournal.com profile] delicatetruth: I'm sure this isn't at all like autumn weather for you, but for us today was like like a blessed day of autumn, come to visit in early summer.

Flower, after a rainstorm
And, ah, it was so beautiful. +1 )

Dude the cat was outside when the rain began, and was much displeased; Woof the dog found it most distressing that I insisted on going outside while the sky was growling. And so the day was not wholly beloved among the furry family kin. But as I have recently remembered exactly, precisely, why I hate sun and warm weather, it was a most welcome break for me.

On an unrelated, perfectly sunny recent day, Woof the dog rolled in something nasty and had to have a bath. She hates them, but they're secretly amusing because she, an otherwise white and fluffy American Eskimo mutt, turns into a funny-looking stringy offwhite drowned rat of a mess. For example:

Picture? Why of course I have a picture! )

I know I've been a wealth of picspams lately, but when I have my camera around because I've been using it, I'm more likely to use it again, and again, and...
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One of the joys of living on the city limits, surrounded by open land and close to the forest, is wild nature just outside the door. A few days ago, the wild was a fawn walking down the garden steps. We have deer as visitors almost daily, but it's rare for them to come to close. They come by to eat the wild sweetpeas. This fawn was accompanied by its mother.

Wild fawn on the garden steps
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Some months ago, I found the wild creeping in under the window sill. These vines had worked their way under and up the sliding, wiggling in through the smallest cracks to fall and flower indoors. It reminds of a plate in Chris Van Allsburg's book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick which reads "He had warned her about the book. Now, it was too late." Searching for that plate also lead me to find this lovely picture of vines growing through a window by Flickr user Tonyp67.

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