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Some belated, brief thoughts on the new Star Trek movie
Because I've officially encountered one too many fan responses that made me want to beat my head against something firm and flat. For the record: When Spock changes Uhura's assignment from the Farragut to the Enterprise, he is not "whipped." Assigning her to the former rather than the later in the first place was an effort to avoid the appearance of favoritism. When she pleads her case and he reassigns her, he is righting a previous (if well-intended) wrong, and assigning her a position which is fairer and better suited to her skills.

But my point really is: it drives me crazy that one of the few times that the only female crew member in the movie asserts herself is viewed not as strength on her part, but as foolish weakness on a male's part. Spock is not whipped. Rather, Uhura occassionally has a backbone and oughtn't that be a good thing?

I really disliked the new Star Trek film, and fan response to it has my mind boggled. Did we all watch the same over the top, obnoxious, improbable, plot-holed, shoddy-scripted, lens-flared, shaky-cammed, sexist piece of Hollywood shite? Sure, I've seen worse—but this was definitely not good or enjoyable enough for love it's received from fans.

Notes to self
The first: Quit it with the milk, and cream, and the root beer. It all looks very yummy but your body cannot tolerate it, especially not right now.

The second: Sitting hunched over the laptop only seems comfortable. When you stand up, you will find that it is distinctly otherwise.

Because between menstruation and the fact that my back is, sad to say, becoming increasingly pained, life has been all sorts of uncomfortable lately.
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