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Andrea and Manson
This is a family of artists and musicians—here, Andrea delights in her father's music.
Manson, not long after, achieved his lifetime wish (first is the household!): he's a movie music composer.

Andrea does not approve of her little brother James
Andrea grows to childhood and she has no patience for her screaming little brother.

James grows to a toddler
James grows to toddlerhood with ... purple hair, inherited from his grandmother. Yeah, I changed that.
James is athletic and outgoing—perhaps the most normal in the family.

They had a major falling-out
Skylar is not lately been lucky in love, and his flirting with Dominic is interrupted by a shouting match with Michael.
He and Michael had been flirting before, but they're on rotten terms now.

Skylar peeking on Ghost and Aaron from a distance
So Skylar went into town for some late-night fishing and who should be there but Ghost and Aaron...

Skylar went to the park to fish and Ghost and Aaron were there
Being adorable, as they often are.

Skylar tried to flirt with Ghost
After watching them, Skylar wandered over to flirt with Ghost—who was completely disinterested.

Once again, Skylar loses out in love
So once again, Skylar loses out in love. I actually feel sort of sorry for him.

Matson breaks up with Hal
Matson meanwhile breaks up with Hal—because ever since he moved out, he hasn't stopped by the house.
Something always "comes up." It was just getting silly, so she went to visit him—and dumped him.

Skylar puts Michael to sleep
And this one just amuses me. ^_^
Skylar uses his strange sense of humor to put others to sleep—and yeah, inside he finds that a little bit funny.

I just love this shot of Nika
This is just a totally random picture of Nika, just because it's so her.

Manson and James
Manson with James—mostly because I liked Manson's pose.

Sarah is pregnant again!
Sarah meanwhile is cooking up child number four (and Andrea approves). This family is just adorable together.
To save you all another labor photo, I'll just say: the next baby is a loner little girl named Penny.
Yes, just one. So much for that fertility perk, yeah?

James on the xylaphone
James plays the xylophone for his mother.
He's the most average/normal of the family, but he's still turning into something of a musician.

Terry with a copy of A Magnetic Attraction
Terry meanwhile ... Terry is obsessed with A Magnetic Attraction. Which is, yeah, a romance novel.
He has three copies of it in his inventory. Thank goodness I have autonomous rereading turned off is all I'm saying.

Terry grows up and...
Terry grows to an adolescent and ... am I the only one who thinks that looks a bit wrong?

Skylar and Rose
I love everything that this picture of the siblings leaves unsaid.

Matson's boyfriend the third: Asher
Matson meanwhile picks up boyfriend the third: Asher Kimbel.

Asher ... makes himself at home
Asher makes himself, er, right at home.
He's sorta hot, ain't he?

That's just nasty
Ewww seriously what do you have to do to a highchair to get it this filthy?

Penny grows up
Penny grows into a toddler (the baby stage is over quicker and quicker these days...) with yet more purple hair.
I named Penny knowing that I'd eventually fiddle with her appearance a bit, and so I did.

Penny, post editsim
She's the first with whom I made any major changes: skintone, freckles, and hair. I love how she turned out.

So while Sarah was getting started cooking up the final bean, because I was tired of morning sickness and glitchy pregnancy outfits, I took a few days off to visit Ghost and Aaron:

So I went to visit Ghost and Aaron for a few days
Who are adorable, as always.

And Aaron is an asshole, like always
Although Aaron is an ass, like always.

The big change is music
But little things are changing: for one, they're both obsessed with music.
Aaron with the stereo (so much so that I had to kill autonomous dancing), Ghost with his guitar.

For a long time, he only played the guitar when he was out and about, either because he had nothing better to do or in order to diffuse social tension—because plucking out a bit of music was appropriately social, but non-romantic and comfortably introverted. But these days, he's decided it's finally time to buckle down and learn that skill. Now he plays it all the time.

Just a beauty shot of Aaron's work outfit.
Unrelatedly, I decided it was time to rid Aaron of the obvious criminal-stripes and improbable hat he wore for work.
So this is his new work outfit. And, er. I think it's sexy. And a lot more practical, too.

Just a beauty shot of Ghost
Also unrelatedly, this is just a pretty shot of Ghost.

Ghost is also incredibly absent-minded
I am a little bit worried about Ghost, though, as he's becoming absent-minded to a fault...
He near-constantly forgets what he's doing while halfway through it. That's a bit much even for him.

A rare event: Ghost and Aaron napping together
But when I was with them, the boys shared a rare, blessed event: Ghost stayed up late, Aaron slept early...
And for a few hours, even with opposing schedules, they shared a bed.

So, yes. Sex, and love...

And rock and roll, or at least some guitar music.

Speaking of that picture behind Ghost, here it is in full. Painting shots may be a bit boring, but:
This is my favorite of Ghost's paintings by far because, in a single image, this is the world inside his head.

Ghost and Aaron are still lovely and in love with each other, to the point of sometimes forgetting about the outside world.

So back to the boarders household and some more babies!

Penny ages to a child and it's somewhere between terrifying and awful
Penny's transition into childhood is somewhere between horrific and ugly. No worries, though. She cleans up well.

Terry wonders if Sai realizes that he is, in fact...
Terry wonders if Sai realized that he is, in fact, still a child.

Terry grows some facial hair
She has good reason to be confused. Terry has a voice like you would not believe—incredibly deep.
Boy has some serious testosterone. So he grows some facial hair.

Manson and Sarah ride to the hospital for Sarah's final labor
Sarah and Manson drive off to the hospital for Sarah's fifth and blessedly final delivery.
They go in a limo, of course. Bonus! If you look real close you can see Manson's "ohfuck" expression.
I was certain that they were going to have triplets or something with this final pregnancy, but thankfully:

Mariella ages to a toddler
They just had one, an insane little girl named Mariella. Mariella is named for the Kate Nash song, so:
Since wearing black is mysterious, she always does. She's adorable.

How weird is it to mix ingredients in the bathroom?
How weird is it to prepare cooking ingredients in the bathroom?

Weirder when you realize just how far away that bathroom is
Weirder when you realize just how far the bathroom is from the stove.
(Oh hai, it's the ground floor of this massive house.)

Andrea and Mariella
Andrea aged to a teen and let me tell you: she is absolutely gorgeous.
I'm a bit surprised, really. And smitten.

Penny teaching herself chess
And I told you Penny cleaned up well. She's also taken to teaching herself chess, as introverted geniuses are wont to do.

The whole Silverman-Moore family
So here's the whole Silverman-Moore family. From left to right:
Andrea (second), Sarah (mother), Mariella (fifth), Terry (first), James (third), Manson (father), and Penny (fourth).
Now they all just have to survive to adulthood.

You may or may not have noticed that Manson and Sarah have aged a little bit. It seemed only appropriate. But time does work very strange in my town: children can grow up while adults barely seem to gain a year, and you'll find that when I go back to Ghost and Aaron it's likely that only a month or so has passed. I have no shame in forgoing realism!

That's almost all for now. Right after I post this, I have a bit of porny Ghost & Aaron fic for you all—posted separately to divide children from porn and to save the disinclined from accidentally scanning it. (Of course I'll probably post a suggestive picture to suit it, so it's not like any eyes will really be spared. But oh well.)
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