Jul. 18th, 2009

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I have disappeared into the ether because Devon bought me a copy of Sims 3 and it has turned out to be addictive beyond all reason. I've not played the Sims since the original game, which had a little bit too much micromanaging for me; I wasn't interested in the Sims 2 aesthetic. But for whatever reason this version has captured me. The game is fairly vast and looks beautiful, and now that custom content is coming out there's a lot of variety for sim creation. (Still not enough for me to create a self-sim, though—but I hope for a day of catparts.) Anyhow, I'm not posting to write a review so much just as to share some pictures and a download, because one sim in particular has proved amusing enough to warrant sharing:

Meet Tomi Dalton
Meet Tomi Dalton

Sims3Pack (double click to open the installer) or
.sim (paste into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims)

You could call Tomi a deadbeat, but the truth is that he lives more than most folk could dream. He has a child's wide-eyed fascination with the world and plentiful joie de vivre. Sure, he has no ambition and he's not the sharpest tool in the shed—but he is the brightest crayon in the box. Tomi sees life as a game, and he wants to play.

In my game Tomi's turned out of be quite a character. I tend to find him goofing off in front of a mirror, and he's been known to pull the whole household into a rousing time on the swings. (His favorite activity seems to be swinging in his underwear at sunrise.) He makes a good flirt but is too easily impressed with other sims to attempt monogamy. He's generous but not always thoughtful, and he doesn't get along well with everyone. But he's colorful and adorable, and never boring. He may well be my favorite sim thus far.

Hair: blue (and purple, and teal)
Eyes: purple

Traits: childish, clumsy, excitable, easily impressed, good
Favorites: cookies, electronica, aqua
Lifetime wish: jack of all trades

+4 pictures )

Tomi uses a couple of pieces of custom content, including (and, yes, most of these downloads require registration):

Slider hack: link (or his shape will snap back to normal parameters)
Skin: link (pg version) or link (adult version)
Eyes: link or link (optional; I've used both, and currently prefer the first)
Nail polish: link
Contrasting briefs: link (there's an in-game single-color brief, but this is far suprior)
Tie tee: link
and the easiest way to install it all: link


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