Aug. 3rd, 2009

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His bed looks so empty
Aaron's bed looks so empty...
The new day does not dawn well.

+23 pictures featuring plentiful boykissing--you have been warned. )

So, perhaps nothing so exciting as a TV fire and if you're not enjoying this romance as I am then it may be a bit boring. But I cannot even tell you how close they came to taking things one step further, this time. It was pretty intense and YES I am a massive geek thankyouverymuch.

Meanwhile: Outtakes and random pretty shots!

An amusing townie, Aaron in conversation, and Nika Sarto, my could-be self-sim. )

Which, yeah, is a bit odd. She was never intended to be a self-sim, and objectively we look little alike. But as she came together—with her red hair and freckles, with her glasses and green eyes, her tiny body and big head, she started to mirror if not my physical self then at least my mental self-image. Things like eye color: I have blue eyes, but all of my avatars and my mental self-image all have green eyes. Why? Couldn't tell you—aesthetics, wish-fulfillment, it's the color I imagine my cat eyes must be—but somehow in my image of self my eyes are always green, 'though my body boasts different. But what really tipped the scales with Nika was her hairstyle—I'd never wear my hair like that, having it so loose and flyaway would drive me crazy, but it hides her human ears and that is a huge part of how I see myself: no human ears, because I have cat ears instead. It's carried over from my militant non-fourear neko identity in Second Life, but is still enough that Nika is the one I've adopted as a sort-of-me. For now, at least.

But goodness do I need to get her a better exercise shirt, if she's going to live in it just like all of my other inactive sims. One day, I shall actually play that household! It's full of interesting folks.

You may also have noticed that Aaron has new piercings. I grabbed an early, still-in-beta set of piercings which are an actual mesh, not painted on. They may not be perfect yet but they're fun to test and still a great improvement. Sure they're in different locations, but Aaron ain't attached to which piercings he has just as long as he has a good few—and poking new holes in his face is fun.

So: pics, of course!

Aaron's new piercings
I can't help it if Aaron abhors clothing.

And the other side. )

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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