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This is a note for my own records (because often, writing it down in my LJ is the only way that I remember it), because the event in question has largely passed. But the shaking and brainfuzz that I was feeling earlier this week was not indeed caused by too much sugar, as I thought it was. Instead it was early onset symptoms of another episode of severe back pain. I'd been shaking and stupid for about 16 hours before the pain actually kicked in. It was an odd sort of back pain, again: symptoms were aforementioned shaking (aggravated by sitting and standing for more than a few minutes, alleviated by lying down), infrequent back spasm and more frequent periods of throbbing back pain, and brainfog like I don't think I've experienced before, making it difficult to do things as simple as write complete sentences. In short it was pretty similar to this experience in that I was more aware of symptoms caused by pain than the pain itself, but it wasn't quite so severe an episode except for my utter inability to think.

The episode lasted about three days beginning on August 31st; it started with shaking, recognizable pain began about 16 hours in, and both pain and symptoms tapered off over the last day or so. My backpain is sometimes tied to menstruation, but I had been off of my period for a few days. Interestingly, the similar prior episode occurred last month in almost the same point of my menstrual cycle—hmmm, perhaps there's a new trend developing.

Anyhow, as I said, all for my own records. And if you're worried, rest assured, I'm fine now and down to normal, manageable pain and symptoms.


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