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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Beware, for this is an epic post. I've been back in town for a few days but have been deep in hermitage, recovering from time spent out and about—and the boy and I were also in the process of formatting the computer. After a while without posting, a few days without Sims, and even more without an image editing program, I now come bearing a virtual ton of photos.

Have yourself an oversized helping of the boarding house, featuring Manson and Sarah and their love and babies; Matson, Dominic, and the antics of heartbreakers; Skylar, Rose, and their love of children; bathroom accidents, boykissing, and a cameo by Ghost and Aaron.

The trend for this set:
The theme here is babies. Lots of babies. Some oddness, too, and some humor, but also lots and lots of babies.
Isn't Sarah just the epitome of grace?

Baby making time
Baby-making time nao. Sarah wants five.
They'd better get right to work.

In the afterglow, Manson is a bit self-satisfied
In the afterglow, Manson seems awfully self-satisfied.

This is Rose
This is Rose—so photo'd just because I think she is lovely and deserving of a portrait.

Success! We have a baby-to-be
Success! We have a baby-bean.
For all but this first pregnancy, I used a 9-day pregnancy hack (base-game is 3-day). There was so. much. vomiting.

Sarah is such a proud mom-to-be
Sarah is a beautiful and proud mom-to-be (except when the game gives her ugly-ass maternity clothes, which is often).
And goodness me, but there are a lot of women in this house.

I've missed seeing brightly-haired boys...
I've missed seeing brightly-haired boys playing in the sprinkler at sunrise.

Student life isn't always easy
Student life isn't always easy, but Annie is a hard worker.
I also love how she looks with her hair unbound.

Rose, painting
I love this picture because childlike doodles really are Rose's style.

Manson is proud to be a father-to-be
"It's neat how you contain a factory for making more of you."

Matson and Dominic hook up
Matson and Dominic finally hook up and get it on. Her first boyfriend!
And I totally wrote "Manson" the first time, which is just so wrong.

Sarah's first delivery
Sarah's first baby is a home birth, during which Manson ... eats dinner.
I think he was in denial about it all.

Manson reconsiders whether this baby thing was a good idea
Manson begins to doubt whether this whole baby thing was a good idea. (He's a light sleeper, poor boy.)
Rose on the other hand is quite taken with the child. He's a boy, by the way, named Terrance (call him Terry).

So, yeah, this is Eliza
So, yeah, this is Eliza. Eliza is a little bit strange.

So this is Eliza, peeing herself
And this is Eliza, peeing herself not two inches from the toilet.

And this is why Eliza is having bladder issues
And this is why Eliza is having bladder issues: her third cup of coffee in as many hours.
Sleep is for the weak! Nighttimes are better spent hacking computers and drowning in caffeine.

Rose and Skylar are pretty much obsessed with Terry
Rose and Skylar are pretty much obsessed with Terry.
Sarah and, yes, Manson too are fine parents—but these two are with him at any chance they can get.

Rose and Skylar and Terry, encore
Reprise. These interactions have spawned all sorts of backstory about repressed affections and sublimated desires...
Yeah, I 'ship Rose/Skylar-cest. Does this actually surprise anyone?

After putting Terry to bed, Rose watches Sarah sleep
After putting Terry to bed, Rose watches Sarah sleep.
Which is only a little unsettling, yeah?

At least Matson doesn't seem surprised when Dominic's sights stray
At least Matson isn't surprised when Dominic's sights stray—which is a good thing, because stray they do, and often.

Yes, random townie, that is an abandoned larva-baby
Yes, random townie, that is an abandoned larva-baby.
Sarah was hungry and hungry girl's gotta picnic, baby or not.

So I aged up the larva--and Skylar was there to watch
So I took pity on the larva and aged him up—and Skylar was there to mark the occasion.

Look familiar?
Look familiar? It should. Terry was born a virtuoso, just like his father.
He has his mother's hair and eye color, by the by: black and green.

More baby-making!
More baby-making! Their creator demands it and Sarah's lifetime wish requires it.

Matson's harem
Matson's harem. The reversal amuses me.

Manson has actually become a wonderful father
Manson has become a wonderful father, to my delight. Thank goodness the sins of his mother have not passed down.

Manson is ... incredibly popular
Manson has also become incredibly popular (and a guitar expert).
This is all the more ironic because he's a loner and crowds frighten him.
(I appear to be going through a purple phase right now.)

I suspect children are not in Annie's future
I suspect that children are not in Annie's future.

A long while ago, Sarah rolled the wish to propose to Manson—and then the game crashed. So I was delighted when:

Sarah wanted to propose to Manson
On a casual date at the park... (bigger better)
Sarah gets down on bended knee and, child in tow and another on the way, she proposes. He says yes, of course.

It was adorable
What an adorable family.

Let not Matson decieve you
Let not Matson deceive you:

She's still evil
She's still evil. (Poor Terry is dumbfounded.)

Matson enjoying the graveyard
Similarly, Matson thinks the graveyard next door is epic awesome.

Scaring your elderly landlady seems like a bad idea
Scaring your elderly landlady just seems like a bad idea.

Sai isn't quite sure why she's carrying the kid
Sai isn't quite sure why she's caring for the baby. (She dislikes children.)
It takes a village—or an overstuffed household—to raise a child, I guess.

The problem with such a large house:
Though the problem with such a large house (save times aside):
With so many bathrooms, I tend not to notice a leak in one until the room has flooded.

Skylar and Terry
Just Skylar and Terry.

More sponaneous boy-kissing
So I cammed across the house and: this surprises no one, right?

Surprised or not, Matson is not pleased
Surprised or not, Matson is not pleased.

And so ends Matson's first serious relationship
And so comes an end to boyfriend number one, that cheating bastard.

Skylar, Terry, and Sarah
Skylar's fondness for Terry puts him in an odd place with Sarah:
Not quite unfriendly or friendly, mostly he wishes he could replace her.
This is what I mean by ugly-ass maternity clothing, by the by.

Sarah's second delivery causes a general panic
Sarah's second delivery causes a bit more of a stir.

Flying mother-to-be!
Flying mother-to-be! She decided she wanted to have this one at the hospital.
The second baby is an artistic virtuoso girl named Andrea.

Matson turns her attention towards Hal
Manson meanwhile has been romancing Hal. Meet boyfriend the second.
They're sweet together but they lack spark.

Sarah sleeps ... with her eyes open. Creepy, much?
Sarah sleeps one whole night with her eyes open. It was a bit creepy.

Manson realizes that there's a bit of a crowd...
The next day, Manson realizes there's a bit of a crowd...

A bit of a crowd indeed
But they've gathered for a good reason: he's about to get married.
It was a small ceremony with just family, close friends, and household...
And Aaron and Ghost, because I couldn't resist inviting them.

No one likes a crying baby
No one likes a crying baby, even when it belongs to the bride and groom.

During the ceremony, Ghost watches ... Aaron
During the ceremony, Ghost watches Aaron. It's adorable.
(No, neither of the boys are the type for public recognition or legal arrangements, but love still sparks thoughts of love.)

The exchange of rings
The exchange of rings, and so I present: Manson and Sarah Silverman-Moore.
That night they conceived again. I warned you there was a lot of baby-making here!

Skylar goes on a date with Dominic...
Skylar goes on a date with Dominic ... and brings baby Andrea.
So you can see: Skylar and Rose are still hugely fond of the children. Skylar is Terry's best friend, in fact.

Eventually Dominic wandered off
Dominic didn't really appreciate it and wandered off at the first opportunity.

Sarah and Andrea
The larva stage never lasts long—it's really boring. But isn't Andrea adorable?
She has her father's coloring, with bonus freckles (which was an editsim addition—I thought she needed them.)

Andrea and Sai
Sai dislikes children, but she loves books enough to outweigh. And damned if this isn't the cutest thing.

At about this point, I should note that Hal and Annie moved out because the house was getting a bit too full—and prone to crashing—even for my tolerances. I enjoyed having both around but they were the least interesting to play, so they were the easiest to send packing.

Cornelius visits the diner
Camming around Ghost and Aaron's place at night (yes, I do this, leave me alone), I noticed Cornelius leaving...
He takes a drive. In a limo. To the diner. No, I don't even know what to tell you.

Manson rocks out just before driving to the hospital
This never happened: Manson (son of two rock stars, though not one himself) begins rocking out...
Just before jumping into the car to drive to the hospital for delivery number three.
It never happened because the game crashed just after, but I saw it and now you've seen it, so it's real enough.

Sarah goes into her third labor
This did happen: Sarah goes into her third labor, poor girl.

Hours of kids TV and radio and all she got was one new sprog
Endless hours of kid's TV and books and music and all she got was one sprog.
Meet James.

Getting started on baby number four
They got right to work conceiving baby number four ... and hopefully more, because she has the fertility perk now.
I just pray they don't have triplets, because they don't need quite that many.
(Yeah, that's Andrea sound asleep in the background.)

And I'll cap things off with a bit of wedding porn, to better show off Sarah's dress:
Just some wedding photos

Just some wedding photos
And their love.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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