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Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update

Just a sexy shot of Aaron and Ghost

Since we've had a Ghost and Aaron interlude, and because any time is a good time for porn, and because [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes was brave, I also come bearing Ghost and Aaron fic: almost purely pointless porn, this was the first sex scene I ever wrote for the boys and remains a personal favorite. It's a bit of a reversal which is why I didn't post it sooner—it wasn't a good introduction to their sex lives. But seeing as you've already been introduced, there's no excuses now!


Storybit 07: Aaron bottoms for the first time.
2500 words
Takes place at the tail-end of their new-relationship honeymoon period, around the time of this post.
Contains foul language and explicit descriptions of sex.

* * * * *

Aaron throws his head back and the shag of his hair falls every which way, sweaty curls plastered to his face, looping over his ear, swaying as Ghost leads the rhythm of his hips. Ghost looks up through unfocused eyes and sees the ceiling blurring into Aaron's skin, washed out pale; sees the mess of his hair and the shadows under his jaw, under his ribcage, coloring down to where their bodies meet in deep dark black that smudges the white and brings it all back to this: his cock in Aaron for the first time, squeezed hot and tight, jumping a bit as Aaron moans and drops his head again to meet Ghost's eyes.

But let's back up for a moment.

They're playing foosball when Aaron drops the bomb, nonchalant as he's ever been. "So I was thinking," he says, then scores, grins, retrieves the ball, and drops it back into play, "maybe we could mix it up sometime. Not that I'm bored or anything—I'm sure as hell not bored—but maybe you could fuck me?"

Ghost loses his grip on his handles and Aaron lets out a whoop when he scores again. Neither of them reaches for the ball.

"You mean like—"

"Yeah, man." Aaron's still grinning, but he's also fidgeting with one of the foosball handles. "If you want."

"Of course I do. I just didn't know if I could."

"I never intended to be on top every time or anything. Is that what they call it, on top? You know what I mean."

Ghost, nodding, looks a little dumbfounded.

"So I was thinking we could try it the other way. I might enjoy it. You certainly seem to."

"Well, yeah."

Aaron gives the handle a spin and the little foosball men turn a circle and a half, ending with their feet sticking straight up in the air. He grins and raises an eyebrow, but Ghost still has a strange look on his face, a little distant, a little confused. Walking around the table, Aaron slides between it and Ghost. He wraps his arms around Ghost's waist and touches their foreheads together, his hair tickling Ghost's temple. "With you, I'll do anything," he says. "I hope taking it up the ass will be the least of it." He nudges Ghost's forehead to tilt his head back and kisses him before breathing a soft, "Okay?"

Ghost shivers with a low moan and then fists his fingers in Aaron's hair, tugging, pulling Aaron's head back as he presses the kiss deeper. His tongue in Aaron's mouth is slick and rough, sliding against Aaron's own. He pushes Aaron back a step until the foosball handles dig into Aaron's lower back and Aaron whines and has to pull away.

"The bedroom, yeah?" Aaron says.

Which is how they end up sprawled out on the bed. Aaron lies on his back and Ghost straddles his hips, grinding taut jeans against the thin fabric of Aaron's boxers. Ghost sucks at Aaron's lower lip, tonguing Aaron's piercing, and Aaron moans into his mouth. They each have a leg hanging off the bed and the coverlet is rumpled beneath them.

Pushing up on tense arms, Ghost rocks their hips together and asks, "Where's—"

"Bedside table," Aaron says, and Ghost murmurs an, "oh yeah." He pulls away reluctantly. The drawer squeaks as he slides it open and he fumbles for the lube, setting it on the table top and looking back at Aaron.

"You're sure?" Ghost asks.

Aaron sits up and shucks off his boxers. His cock stands hard, harder still when he wraps one hand around it and tugs to the tip. He reaches out a foot to hook it behind Ghost's leg, urging him forward as he rubs his thumb over the head of his own prick. "I'm sure," he says. "Yes." He spreads his legs as Ghost steps between them, leaning back on the bed and looking up at Ghost. "So no pussyfooting. Fuck me."

Ghost sinks to a crouch. Ahead of him Aaron's legs draw a smooth, thin V that leads to the dark hair which shadows his balls and the base of his cock. Aaron still holds the head of his cock, twisting slightly, precome slick under his fingers. Ghost runs his palms across the panes of Aaron's thighs and then hooks his hands into the crook of Aaron's knees, pulling his legs up, spreading them, until Aaron is curled into himself and Ghost can see Aaron's cleft and his asshole, tight and flushed.

"I need to get you ready," Ghost says. "It shouldn't hurt, but tell me if—"

"Yeah, I know," Aaron says. He presses his sock-clad feet to Ghost's shoulders, curling his toes, tugging him closer. "I picked up on it from fucking you. Now come on."

Ghost runs one hand between Aaron's legs, dragging his knuckles over the base of Aaron's cock, across the swell of his balls, and then running his thumb over the tight ring of Aaron's asshole—dry skin gentle across thin, crinkled flesh and he can hear Aaron's head flop back against the bed. He presses gently, feels the muscle flutter, and smiles. He moves his finger in a slow circle and Aaron, speaking to the ceiling, swears in low grunts.

Reaching for the lube, Ghost uncaps it and slicks his fingers. He presses two against Aaron's asshole, lets the pads of his fingers rest there firm and steady as he can make them, though he feels like he's shaking all over and his shirt is damp with sweat and his jeans are stretched tight by the pressure of his cock. "Just breathe," he says, and hears Aaron gasp in reply. He presses a little more, steady and firm and slow, feeling the muscle begin to give under the pressure and pretty soon there's room for his fingertips, sheathed hot and slick within Aaron's body.

Keeping them there, he stands. "You okay?"

Aaron raises his head just enough to meet Ghost's eyes. "Feels strange," he says. "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't stop."

Ghost presses his fingers deeper and it's even smoother, now, the stretch of Aaron's body, the slick slide of skin on skin. Before he knows it he's knuckle-deep and he can feel Aaron pulse around his fingers, making his cock twitch in sympathy, in anticipation. Ghost thrusts his fingers in, pulls out, finding a slow rhythm that Aaron pants to with moans rich on his breath. Ghost thinks maybe he should stretch Aaron more but isn't sure, thinks maybe this is enough if he goes really slow, and his skin is clammy and he's shaking and he can't wait anymore.

When Ghost pulls his fingers out, Aaron shudders, opening his eyes to look at Ghost. Ghost pulls off his shirt and says, "Give me a second..." His fingers slip over his fly and his shoelaces won't untie but eventually he's naked and Aaron is waiting for him, legs spread, fisting his cock, his face flushed and eyes bright blue.

"I think it'll be easier if you're on top," Ghost says, and his pulse is hammering in his ears. "So you can control the pace, okay?"

Aaron nods and slides forward, stands up, and Ghost can see he's trembling too—but they're both grinning. Ghost picks up the lube again and drips some into one palm before grabbing Aaron's ass with the other. He pulls their hips together and their cocks meet. Ghost slides his hand between their bodies, fisting their cocks together, cool liquid slipping down his length and dripping into his pubic hair. He shifts his grip on Aaron's ass, reaches into his cleft, and yeah, Aaron is still slick there, slick and opening under the touch of his fingers.

"Fuck," Aaron moans into the side of Ghost's neck. "Just let's get to it, yeah?"

"Let me lay down," Ghost says, but he can't help twisting his fingers first, smiling at the way Aaron's skin slides against his, smiling more at the way that Aaron moans and the way their knees knock together as Aaron shudders.

Which is how Ghost ends up lying on the bed with Aaron straddling him. They grind against each other, messy and wet, and Ghost is fingering Aaron's ass again. "Beautiful," he says as Aaron presses back towards his hand. "But scoot up." He slips his fingers free and cups Aaron's ass, urging him upward. His other hand he uses to steady the base of his cock as Aaron resettles, knees out at an awkward angle and hands pressed to the mattress over Ghost's shoulders. Ghost slides his cock along Aaron's cleft and then lines it up, breathing in as he feels tip meet hole. "Take it slow, all right? Bear down on me, it'll be easier."

Aaron nods and closes his eyes. One of his socks has slipped down, wrinkling over his ankle and sliding halfway down his foot, but Ghost can see the toes of his other foot curl and press into the mattress as he shift his hips and the head of Ghost's cock presses against him.

"And breathe, dude, breathe." Ghost cups Aaron's hips with his hands, rubbing slow circles with his thumbs, guiding him. "Slow. Breathe." Aaron's body is opening and Ghost moans to feel the head of his cock enveloped. He grips Aaron's hips to still him and they hold for a moment, Aaron's thin legs turned to tight cords of muscle, both of them trembling at an act halfway complete.

"I'm okay." As Aaron speaks his whole body moves and Ghost can feel it, a vibration, a tightening that grips his cock and pulls right at his core. Aaron's opened his eyes, and they watch each other. Ghost nods, relaxing his grip, and Aaron sinks down, slowly, opening and clenching and sliding down until he's sitting in Ghost's lap, bent over, hair in his face, and they're both panting.

But the pause doesn't last long. Aaron dips his head and nudges it against Ghost's, his breath hot, whispering, "Come on." Ghost nods again and tenses his legs against the bed, grips Aaron's hips, and they start to find a rhythm. Aaron is as relaxed as Ghost could hope for, but he's still so tight, so solid. "You feel incredible," Ghost tells him, and Aaron grins his wide grin, hair disheveled and piercings glinting and makeup even messier than normal, and says, "Fuck yes." They find a firmer, broader rhythm, Aaron pushing against the bed and Ghost leading his hips, both of them arching into one another and the impact, the penetration, of flesh.

Which is why, not too many moments later, Aaron has his head tossed back and his eyes screwed closed and Ghost is looking up at him, vision blurred and cock aching. They meet eyes again and, legs bent and tense, Ghost slams up into Aaron and they both moan. "So fucking strange and don't stop," Aaron gasps. "Can you—"

Ghost is drifting beyond words but he can figure out what Aaron needs and he shifts one hand to Aaron's cock, pulling up on it as Aaron sinks back down. Aaron groans his appreciation and he's more than enjoying it, he tosses his head back again and his cock jumps in Ghost's hand as he says, "Never knew..."

"Yeah," grunts Ghost in reply, and he digs his fingers into the flesh of Aaron's hip and drags him down, slams up, lets his own head fall back and screws his own eyes shut and it feels amazing. Neither of them can think why they didn't do this sooner, but then neither of them is thinking very much right now. It doesn't last much longer—Aaron's legs begin to tremble from the unfamiliar effort of riding Ghost's cock and he falls forward, leans against Ghost's chest and lets his cock grind between them while Ghost buries his face in Aaron's long hair and they fuck, gasping and clenching and pushing against one another until Ghost pants out a short, "I'm gonna—"

"Okay," replies Aaron. Ghost squirms a hand between their bodies again and tugs at Aaron's cock—and Aaron tightens, every inch of him, and Ghost can feel it, can feel himself swearing something but he's not sure what, and then he empties himself into Aaron, thrusting his hips to a broken rhythm while he comes even sooner than he anticipated. Aaron feels Ghost's cock twitching inside of him and groans at that, groans again in frustration as Ghost's hand stills on his cock, hovers at the brink of orgasm but can't quite cross it. Aaron gives Ghost a moment but not much more before, squirming, almost whining, he says, "Hey."

"Oh, fuck, sorry." Ghost tightens his grip on Aaron's cock and starts jerking him off with a purpose, twisting his fist over the head, pressing his thumb to the underside, his hand hot and slick and sliding between them. His cock is hard inside Aaron still, twitching with the last effects of his orgasm, but it's fading—and as Aaron climaxes, jerking and crying out and spilling himself all over Ghost's hand and stomach, Ghost's cock slips out and spills come from Aaron's reddened, opened asshole, fluid trailing a shallow mess down his inner thigh.

Aaron rolls off Ghost and they lie side by side, legs still overlapping, sweating it off on the quilted coverlet. They cool too much and soon Ghost starts to shiver and tugs up one edge of the quilt, flops it over them, and they lie tangled and let their breathing slow.

Eventually Ghost turns. Facing Aaron, he reaches out a hand and smooths back Aaron's sweat-curled hair. Aaron is makeup-smudged and freckle-marked; Ghost's face is bright and clear and exceedingly pale. "You okay?" Ghost asks.

"Yeah," Aaron replies. "I think so. That feels so fucking strange and just—I don't even know. It's really intense. Does it always feel like that?"

"Probably not. No pain?"

"It stung a bit at first and now I feel like I've been run over by a truck but it's not my ass so much as everything else, you know? Fuck, I think even my brain hurts. Will I be sore tomorrow?"

"It's never as bad as you expect," says Ghost.

Aaron nods. After a moment he says, "I sorta feel like I should apologize for fucking you so often. I mean, if it's half like how it was for me—how do you stand it? I mean, shit, it was really—it's intense. Was I rubbish? I can barely even remember it now. I had no idea what I was in for. What a mind-job. Sorry, I'm not making much sense, am I?"

"You are sort of rambling," Ghost says, smiling. "But I don't mind. And you can fuck me whenever you want, Aaron. I enjoy it. But if you don't want to be on bottom often—"

"Well not never or anything—"

"That's fine. Sometimes works for me. I'm just glad I had the chance to do it at all because, seriously, Aaron—you're exquisite."

Aaron's grin is wide and bright and young. He snuggles up against Ghost and, as Ghost holds him, chatters on a bit, burying his words in Ghost's shoulder, neither of them really paying attention to what he says. Staring past Aaron's dark hair, silent and still, Ghost smiles to himself.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List | Next Update


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