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When weaning myself off Sims 3 last go-around, I was left with the awkward situation of pics taken but not posted. So, as a way of weaning myself back on (which makes no sense as a turn of phrase), I present: old pics of the Boarders and Silverman-Moore (because, let's be honest: they're taking over) household.

When we last saw this household, Manson and Sarah were busy repopulating the planet with one more baby (and their last) while their other children made forays into childhood and adolescence, Matson was dumping one guy and picking up another because what else is new?, and Skylar was mooning over men he'll never have.

This time:

Mariella may be the cutest thing ever
Mariella is adorable. No, really: the wonder that is Mariella is a big trend here.

Rose helps raise a little goth
Rose helps raise a little goth.
Manson and Sarah are engaged with Mariella's babyhood. There were just fewer awesome pictures of that.

Mariella sleeping
At some point Mariella grows into a child, and does not much remarkable—but she's beautiful doing it.
Even when sleeping. This is honestly one of my favorite Sims 3 shots.

Penny grows up to a teen
My darling Penny grows up too, and it's traumatic.

Penny is just plain awesome
But Penny, let me tell you, is fan-fucking-tastic. She's smart and she's so beautiful (good genes in this family).

Penny is also a dork
And she's also something of a dork, which can only improve things.

I am at this point starting to wonder who I'll pick for heir to the family—because (and it shouldn't be a surprise) I'll probably continue to play with more Silverman-Moore genes. Andrea is the best choice, because she's even-tempered and would probably make a good mum, and she's lovely; I'm tempted, though, to split the line and see if Penny makes a good single mother to an only child—because I can't get enough of her.

An interlude:

Be afraid, Aaron. Be very afraid.
Be afraid, Aaron. Be very afraid.

Just a pretty shot of Matson
And this is just a pretty shot of Manson who, even a few years older and a father of many, looks pretty damn good.
Plus, you'll want his portrait for reference in a moment.

Terry grows up
Terry, their oldest, grows into an adult. He picks the sexy underpants out for himself.
This is a sign of things to come.

They started this all on their own
Because just about the first thing Terry does as adult is start up a thing with Skylar.
My game self-propagates gay relationships perhaps even more often than het relationships. That's not the weird part.
What makes it weird is that Skylar helped raise infant Terry.
(This moment brought to you by the fact that in my strange Sim world, you only age if you have kids.)

They started this all on their own
The weirdness doesn't seem to much bother them...

Michael senses something wrong here
But does raise a few eyebrows with the rest of the household.
(See now why I provided that useful headshot of Manson? Now you can differentiate Manson from Terry:
Terry has darker, shorter hair, he has Sarah's jaw and a soul patch, and he wears an earring and heart underwear.)

Rose watches Skylar and Terry flirt
As usual, Rose's thoughts on her brother remain something of a mystery.

Most of the household ignores this strange romance
I'll tell you this, though: the boys have no shame. Or desire for privacy.

Mariella grows to a teen and she's beautiful
Meanwhile, Mariella grows into a teen—and once again this family surprises me with its epic beautiful genes.

Still insane, though
Have I mentioned lately that Mariella is a little unhinged?
(But Mariella just smiled as she skipped down the road, because she knew all the secrets in her world.)

Matson dumps Asher
Meanwhile ... er, again, Matson breaks things off with Asher because that's what a heartbreaker has to do.
(That's James in the background, grown to a teen and temporarily into a hick.)

Matson meets Penelope
And then Matson met Penelope. Penelope is the city's evil genius, complete with deathtrap basement.
If she has a weakness, it's that she's not so good at hiding her true nature. If she has two, it's that she's a coward.

So Matson invited Penelope over to spend the night, which gave them a chance to get to know one another a bit but not in that way (Penelope kipped out on a completely different bed). There are sparks starting there, I can sense it. Plus Penelope is gorgeous—that helps.

I forgot, though, that, well...

I forgot that Penelope's sleep clothes are...
Penelope's sleep clothes are no clothes at all.
Why hello there, James.

Penelope has to go now
"Penelope has to go now" gets a lot funnier when she's running towards the front door in the buff.

Which, plot-wise, seems to take us up to date!

Fulfilling Sarah's lifetime wish, the Silverman-Moore family has made it safely to adolescence and beyond:

The Silverman-Moore family
Left to right: Manson, James, Andrea, Mariella, Terry, Penny, Sarah.
See their old family portrait.

They will probably now move into their own household, and the kids will start to forge lives of their own. I adore Terry and his strange, ill-fated first love; Andrea is my choice for heir, Penny my pet favorite, and Mariella has brought me endless joy. Poor James—he's sporty and rather normal, and other than his childhood penchant for romance novels he never really grabbed me. Manson and Sarah can now retire to a calmer life with fewer pregnancies and screaming babies, bless them. They did a great job mixing their genes for me (even with the distinctive Moore nose)—the girls in particular are just gorgeous.

As for the Boarders household:

The entire Boarders household
Left to right: James, Michael, Sai, Manson, Terry, Andrea, Sarah, Skylar, Penny, Mariella, Eliza, Matson, Colette, and Rose.
See the original household.

Once the Silverman-Moores move out I imagine most of the rest of the household will stay: ageless ancient Colette to run the place with a motley crew of occupants sharing a communal space while they go about their lives. Matson isn't even halfway yet in her quest towards romantic decimation; Skylar and Rose still have a story to tell and I may return to them with more focus in the future. And maybe someone in the crew will pop out a kid for future, more diverse breeding stock...

Wow, this all sounds awfully final! It's not. Because only now can I finally return to playing the game...

I'm baaaaaack!
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