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As promised: the random non-Ghost and Aaron shots from this update. Short and sweet, this time.

Nika is adorable
An outtake from the quick shoot I did of Nika before uploading her.
She is adorable.

How predictable, Nika
How predictable, Nika; how true.
(If I do find the perfect ears, I also need to go in search of a tail...)

With yeti!
With yeti! (See: Art.)
This is a trend with Skylar and Rose I cannot even tell you.

It's a really interesting front door
What can I say? It's a fascinating front door.

Me too, Manson, me too
I know how you feel there, Manson. It's a bit boggling.
(And damn, man, you need to eat a burger or three.)

Saph tells Gibson...
[livejournal.com profile] century_eyes's Sapphire tells Gibson they really need to move out of their ugly basegame house.
And it's true.

Samsom Revinski
Okay so. In the way of plot actually worth knowing: This is Samson Revinski.
He's kind and bookish, a bit of the absent-minded professor type. And he's a dork.

Just a pretty shot of Penny
And this is Penny, who is pretty. We see where this is going?

Penny meets Samson
Samson's is Penny's boss, and depending on how well they hit it off in and out of work...
Well, we'll see, but there's breeding potential there. She seems to like him well enough so far.

Not much special—just a few things that amused or interested me.


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