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I've been quiet, lately—distracted, introverted, and a little depressed and anxious (situational rather than simple brain crazies, which ... is what it is: less frightening, for having a cause; more frightening, for the fact that I can find few solutions), which mostly means I've been taking in a bit and giving out little. And I've been playing a lot of Sims. No meaningful play, mind—AwesomeMod is still dead, so I'm still goofing off with a legacy that I won't blog in any depth.

But I will picspam for it. Ergo: Some truly random snapshots of the Sydel legacy. Nothing is logical or coherent here, so I'll tack on a half-assed family tree so that things make a tiny bit more sense. I'm playing this to distract myself, kill time, and to breed a few sims to go in my real town—depending on how they turn out. Just about everyone is in this town (I'm playing with Riverview for a change, although I don't like it half as much as Sunset Valley), so expect to see familiar faces in entirely nonsensical contexts (confused as to who's who? ask, if you care). I'm playing World Adventures but not Ambitions, and my game's clean—pretty much no hacks, right now. 45-day aging, but I age up babies in 12 hours because they bore me, and kill off some seniors. Ready, then?

Andrew! The founder
Meet Andrew Sydel, the founder.
I've had him sitting around forever, so figured I might as well put him to use now.

Andrew's first view of Dakota
This was his first view of Dakota, his future bride and child-mommy.
Impressive, given that, that things worked so well between them.

Things that Andrew and/or I saw while wandering around town:

Lauren doesn't really look pool-ready to me
Lauren doesn't really look pool-ready to me.

Interesting look there, Jonathan
Interesting look there, Jonathan. Not sure it suits ya.

Be afraid of the little screaming man, David
Be afraid of the little screaming man, David. Be afraid.

No, you don't know David yet. What happened here was: my game caught on fire and blew up. In other words, sims started flirting with everyone all the time, even if they were in faithful longterm relationships. Jealousy kicked into overdrive. Ghost and Aaron started screaming at each other and every male sim in the vicinity. Ghost picked fights with people. Then he got beat up. The end.

This will become a trend
This naked thing? It will become a trend.

Nice look, Mr. Townie
Nice look there, Mr. Townie Man.

Back to Andrew and Dakota and the propagation of the species:

I love Dakota's expression
"You want me to do what?"
Why, make babies, of course.

Nice look there, Dakota
Without AwesomeMod, outfit selection leaves something to be desired. Pregnancy always complicates things.
Thus: this mess.

Like some sort of three-way affair
The "if it walks on two legs, flirt with it" trend continues.
But between Dakota, Andrew, and Samson (that's Samson, there)...

Weird energy
I dunno really, but there's just some weird energy.

There's some weird energy here
Weiiiiird energy.

Baby Corrie
The firstborn, Corrie. You know, I actually like the look of toddlers in this game.
Children are fugly, though, and teens are a little off.

Dakota is adorable
I love how Dakota animates.

Ghost makes himself at home
Ghost is Andrew's best friend. So he makes himself at home. On the master bed.
In the world's ugliest uniform which he never takes off.

Interesting ride there, Ghost
Okay, almost never. Interesting ride there, Ghost.

When a birthday party turns into a birth
When a birthday party turns into a birth, part 1:
The birthday girl is in the bottom left corner.

When a birthday party turns into a birth
When a birthday party turns into a birth, part 2:
I think you can find Dakota. This is their ... second child, the son Gregory, I think.

Believe it or not
Believe it or not, this kid (who is Skylar and Sai's offspring) will grow to be a personal favorite.
Her name's Michaela. She's Corrie's best friend, or will be until Corrie's brother usurps her.

I think my precise words were:
I think my precise words upon seeing this were: "Oh hell no."
Their son grows up to look pretty much exactly like Jonathan.

Run, child
Run, child (this is Gregory). Run from the half-naked man.

Boy!Aaron fights with Girl!Aaron
Another birthday party, and Aaron takes the opportunity to fight with girl!Aaron, a.k.a. Erin.

Yeah, I have a girl Erin. I made her when playing around with the family's genetics, to see how well the genes flip between the sexes. Answer: not well, not well at all. So Erin is actually more of a female recreation than a genetic match. I love her, but for obvious reasons never get the chance to have her in town, so this is as good an excuse as any. But boy did she and boy!Aaron not get along.

Girl!Aaron and Lauren
Girl!Erin and preggo!Lauren sharing a bench is all sorts of surreal.
Also: her nails! I knew I forgot something.

Ghost with Ingrid
I will not wonder what the boys would be like if they raised a kid, I will not wonder...

Dakota's third pregnancy results in twins: Ingrid (this one) who is evil and Helena (you'll see her later) who's sweet and friendly. They rolled that for themselves, I swear. I'm selecting traits about 50/50 random roll and "no that makes no sense, roll again."

Teen Corrie
Corrie. There's pretty genes along this family tree, but:
As teens, the girls have droopy mouths. They grow into them, thank goodness.

Remember this image
Remember this evil laugh. It'll be important later.

Something of a crowd
Route fail in crowds is just horrendous. Also, Corrie grows to an adult.

Saw this coming
I swear I tried to hook her up with someone else first. I swear.
But this is no surprise.

Om nom face om nom
Om nom FACE om nom.
She's only using him for sex. Or, rather, breeding. The bad news is the offspring turned out a bit ugly.

Ghost in an old man costume
Jesus Christ it's Ghost in an old-man costume.

We blow upon you sparkles of growth!
We blow upon you sparkle dust of growth!
This is Ingrid. She turned up really pretty. And evil. And mean. And pretty!

This dork will grow to be one of my favorite sims
Believe it or not, this dork will grow up to be one of my favorite sims. This is Francis(co).
(He's holding, I think, Jackson, Corrie's son.)

The moment when I noticed Fran has potential
As soon as he grew into a young adult, I knew there was potential. He's Michael and Eliza's son, thus the eye bags.

Helena looks on as her evil twin beats up her future husband
Ingrid beats up her twin's future husband, as one does. Helena ... doesn't seem to mind? I don't even know.

Century_eyes's Gibson doesn't age well
Speaking of growing up: [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes's Gibson doesn't take well to old age.

Century_eyes's sims's offspring
More for you, [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes: this was Luci's spawn. She didn't turn out half bad, actually.
Her name is ... Karri, I think? Yeps, Karri. I have her saved to bin, you know, just in case.

What the hell is with my townies?
Jesus Harold what the hell is with my townies?

Michaela grew up so pretty
Things, meanwhile, that go right: See, ain't Michaela beautiful? I love her.

Lenora is perhaps the cutest baby ever
And her daughter with Greg, Lenora, may well be the cutest baby ever.

Helena amuses me
I adore Helana to bits. She's sweet and a great cook and ... she steals things. Then feels bad and returns them.

I love this couple
And Helena and Francis are pretty much my favorite couple ever, behind Ghost and Aaron.
They're so geeky and so adorable. And so handsome and pretty, in geeky-adorable ways.

And then he rolled the wish to woohoo
And then Fran rolled the wish to woohoo.
(My preggo sims like to wander around topless. Of course.)

And then Francis died
And then because I loved him too much: Francis died.

And as I was wondering how much I'd lose if I went back a save...
And as I was sitting there wondering how much progress I'd lose if I went back a save...
(Answer: half a day.)

Death was like...
Death was like: I find your fail amusing.

Your fail amuses me. You may live.
You may live to fail again.

Thanks, Death.
Thanks, Death.

And then upon saving I got an error code 16 failed save, so I went from heartbroken to amused to heartbroken ... to relived, because it turns out error code 16 indicates a problem with the backup save, so saving to a new filename and folder worked out just fine. Thank goodness, because I would have hated to lose Fran's little-more-than-near-death experience.

Dakota stays close to her husband
Some sims for real die, though. Like Dakota, who stays close to her husband even in death.
I will admit to triggering old age for some grandparents when I need to free up room in the house.

Andrew tries to flirt with his daughter-in-law
Andrew, however, tries to move on—to his daughter-in-law. That's just a little gross.
Dakota disapproves.

I love ghost babysitters
I do like it when the ghosts play babysitter, though.

Don't look at me like that, Francis
Don't look at me like that, Fran. You caught it.

This family is so close
This big family is so close that whenever I kill someone off, I almost feel bad about it.
And look! Didn't Lenora grow up pretty?

I'm pretty sure that's not Francis
Buggy game is.

Orwell reading
I did not know that kids would read on the bed like this. How adorable.
This is not why Orwell is my favorite, but it certainly doesn't hurt. But you'll see more of him later!

Because that's it for now, save for the slightly elucidating Sydel family tree of doom, which I started making after cleaning out 500 screenshots, so ... the headshots aren't all perfect, but they're there. And I just realized I misspelled Corrie's name. Oh well, you'll figure it out.

The Sydel family tree, version 1

The Sydel family tree, version 1


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