Aug. 24th, 2010

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I took Tramadol last night. I know you're anxious to be updated each time I swallow a pill, but I'll tell you about it anyway. )

Probably in slight correlation with my back pain—I've had so much to say lately, and so little energy to say it. There are dozens of posts, thoughtful posts, floating around in my thoughts, but I can't yet make those thoughts concrete. Letters are left hanging, posts left half-finished, and I only hope that I can corral my notes into an upcoming book review. But, save for the back pain and associated grump, I haven't felt depressed or antisocial. The opposite, in fact—I've been aware and interested lately, intelligent and engaged. In fact, half the reason I haven't been writing my experiences is because it would take up time I could be using to have those experiences. This doesn't mean I've been extraordinarily productive or social or active, lately. It means I've been reading well, consuming wonderful media all around, and very much in love with the boy. And I've been reading LJ posts, and finally caught up on most of my replies to them today. I have so much love for all of you people right now.

These are good things.

I have been arsed to update my Tumblr, however. I'm actually having something of a love affair with Tumblr, where I've been blogging video games (primarily Persona 4, StarCraft II, and Silent Hill 2—all of it silly, pointless, and spoilerific—be warned!). It's a lovely midpoint between the immediacy and brevity of Twitter and the thoughtfulness and length of LiveJournal, and it also welcomes picture posts—I can update compulsively, frivolously, and quickly, putting out things which amuse me but also some things which intrigue me, which make me think.

And it gave me an excuse to make a gaming cat icon.

I imagine no one is reading my Tumblr, and I don't blame anyone for it. It is after all the land of foolishness and spoilers. Still I wish someone were, because I'm having so much fun there—I wish I could share it!

Anyhow. I could do with a shower and perhaps a nap before this wedding thing, so off I run to talk less and do more.

Adopt one today!


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