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So, for a change of pace: I'm switching over to an overstuffed (thank you, Awesomemod) house comprised of one landlady and her ten boarders.

The house is three stories. The first and second stories contain 12 bedrooms (10 occupied; sleeps up to 21; there are 2 cribs with room for more) and 6 bathrooms. There's an eat-in kitchen, a formal dining room, and four common rooms. The third floor is an attic which is part junk room and part activity room. The grounds contain a large front porch and a small back garden with vegetable patch. The house is fully furnished and decorated. I built it myself. It took forever and turned out wonderfully—which you all may never get to see because photoing it would be a ton of work.

More important than the house is, of course, those that live in it:

The new crew
The new crew. (Bigger better.)

A: Michael Danomen
Neurotic and cowardly, Michael is a homebody, unmotivated and insecure. He's uncomfortable with his weight and hides behind bulky clothes, and he's shy and socially stunted—but underneath it all, he's a sweet, decent guy.

B: Rose Alma
Skylar's sister, Rose is immature, inappropriate, but endlessly creative. She has little care for the opinions of others and is often the odd one out, doodling on her bedroom walls and her brother's shoes, walking around in her underwear, and exhibiting a petrifying fear of standing water.

C: Hal Davidson
He's hiding behind Rose, so there's a a better view of him below. Hal is a friendly, funny guy and a genius with all things technological—but for some reason, life never goes quite right for him.

D: Eliza Meno
Eliza is a brilliant computer hacker but that's about all the brilliance she has: she's completely off her rocker. She eats dinner in her swimsuit and talks to herself, avoids strangers and the outdoors, and has awesome hair.

E: Sai Sadahiro
Sai's world revolves around books: she's an avid reader and is hard at work on her first novel, and won't rest until every word is perfect. Her dedication to her craft keeps her at a distance from—and grants her little patience with—her fellow boarders.

F: Annie Lennox
An emancipated minor, Annie is trying to look after herself while still attending high school. She's thoughtful and hardworking but she hides a short temper below her cheerful, pop culture-obsessed exterior.

G: Sarah Silverman
Manson's high school sweetheart, the two of them are dating and living together for the first time—but time and money constraints make life difficult. Sarah is a happy goth with a great sense of humor, and she's a budding artist—but her real dream is to start a family ... a dream which may surprise Manson.

H: Colette Siloden
Colette has been running a boarding house for a long time, but the place has never been this full before and now it's all that she can do to keep up. A little frigid and frugal but decent at heart, Colette is remains an enigma to her many boarders.

I: Matson Reed
You should remember her from Nika's household. Socially ambitious and not-so-secretly evil, Matson has her eyes set on quite a few men in Sunset Valley. She's outgoing, friendly, but more than willing to take advantage of others. Manson is her half-brother, and the two of them are close friends.

J: Manson Moore
You should remember him from Nika's household, too. Manson had a troubled childhood and though things have turned around for him now, he remains introverted and a bit cowardly. He's desperately in love with Sarah—a passion only exceeded by his lifetime affair with music. He's just beginning a career in the arts, and hopes to compose music some day.

K: Skylar Alma
Rose's brother, and the two of them share a room. They bicker as siblings will, but Rose and Skylar are the only two people who really understand each other. As odd as his sister, Skylar is holds the rest of the world at a distance; he's rude, irresponsible, and finds most people exceptionally dull—and bores them in turn.

So then, that's the new crew. This household will be more play, less story. With eleven folk in the house, I'm playing with a lot of autonomy for maximum amusement and to save my sanity—I wouldn't even want to try micromanaging that many sims. Concurrently, this first update comes with plenty of funny events which are pretty meaningless on the large scale. Ah, but they amuse me. So we begin:

Hal Davidson
And here's Hal, who can't hide forever. He usually wears glasses. And, you know: a shirt.

The boarders may all be renting their own rooms...
The boarders may all be renting their own rooms, but goodness knows there's no privacy here.

Speaking of Manson's sleeping habits, though:

Manson and Sarah are sharing a bed now
When I threw everyone willy-nilly into the house, Sarah and Manson decided to share a bed.
I wasn't sure if they were rooming together or apart, but this night sealed it for me.

They start work on creating Deathtoilet quite early
The household starts work on Deathtoilet as early as possible.

I love everyone in this house, though I of course have favorites—but perhaps the best part is returning to the lives of some of my previously played sims. In particular, Matson. Because no one else has exchanges wherein, over a very casual meal and some TV time wherein Matson and Michael have their first real conversation, talk non sequiters into:

Matson: Some day, I shall set this house alight.
Matson: Some day, I shall set this house alight.
Michael: Um. You're kidding, right?

Matson: Do I look like I'm kidding?
Matson: Do I look like I'm kidding?
Michael: *Nervous laughter.* Not really, no.

Michael: On second thought, I believe that is a brilliant idea!
Michael: On second thought, I believe that is a brilliant idea! That or you're very funny! Please don't kill me.
Matson: That's what I thought, pansy boy. Do you know who made this pasta? It's pretty good.

Not so secretly evil is our girl, these days.

Deathtoilet arrives!
Deathtoilet arrives! On, I think, day three?

You and me both, Michael.`
You and me both, Michael. You and me both.

Thinking about death while chatting with your elderly landlady
Thinking about death while chatting with your elderly landlady.
That's not creepy or anything.

Matson invites Dominic over
So I had Matson invite Dominic over, that they could begin again where they left off last time I played her household...
And I'll be damned if this isn't heaven for Dominic, both as a flirt and an egoist.

Dominic's type: Appears to be humanoid
Dominic's type: appears to be humanoid.
There's not much that he won't flirt with.

You thought I was kidding? I wasn't kidding.
Age, gender, even heartbeat don't matter to him—I've seen him hit on ghosts.

Dominic starts barking up a better tree
Eventually Dominic did start barking up the right tree, and Matson invited him to spend the night...
But they were both tired and went straight to bed. Grrr.

I've missed seeing this in the mornings
But I have missed seeing this in the mornings.

Matson and Dominic never quite got it together—too many distractions in the house, I guess. For example:

I just thought this was sweet
I just thought this was sweet.
Matson would be horrible for Michael, for the record, but his ego can always use the boost of some harmless flirting.

Matson rejects Dominic's advances
When Dominic eventually remembered he was there to see Matson, she rejected his advances.
(Skylar was amused.) Why?

Because Dominic had overstayed his welcome.
Dominic had rather overstayed his welcome—indeed, he spent two nights.
And nary once did he touch a shower. No, I really don't know what to tell you.

Dominic eventually took his leave
Dominic did eventually take his leave. I think Skylar speaks for me.
Oh well. Dominic and Matson will have another chance to hook up.

Skylar and Rose, swinging
So speaking of Skylar: I am so enamored with him and Rose.
This moment (bigger better) is so epitomic of their relationship.

Skylar and Rose don't get along with many people save for each other, where they indulge in immature passions which no one else shares. Indeed, they reject meaningful connections to anyone but one another. Hal is adorable, I have a soft spot for Michael, Sai is so beautiful, Matson amuses me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of kids Manson and Sarah make (because we all saw that coming)—but Rose and Skylar are my true favorites in this household so far. (The same night as this picture, they stayed at the park until dawn, just hanging out together.)

That's all for this time!

(Help me, I cannot stop listening to this album. Every time I think I can finally stop, Zydrate Anatomy comes on again and I end up keeping it on for another playthrough.)


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