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Ghost and Aaron: Master List

Aaron and dirty laundry
So hey guys guess what.
I got Sims up and running again.

I don't know how stable it is, so I'm doing mildless exploration and tests as I find out—but it's performing fine so far. Thanks to some fantastic gifts from [livejournal.com profile] century_eyes, I now have Late Night, Generations, and Pets. I haven't really played since World Adventures. I never even did a load of laundry with Ambitions. It's going to be awesome.

Nothing's changed since I've been gone
Not much has changed since I've been gone.

"Wild" horse downtown
Well except for the wild horses visiting the café while Ghost and Aaron are there for a late lunch.
So some of the changes that came with Pets are a little bizarre, I will say that.

Aaron in a filthy bathroom
Aaron still don't mind pissing in a filthy flooded public bathroom, though.
(Then he steals another overhead light.)

Last time I posted Ghost and Aaron, Aaron had a surprise visit from his estranged parents which left Aaron an angry mess and Ghost teetering on the edge of out of sorts—and things between them were not quite well. What's going on now may disappear with a corrupted save, and is full of randomly populating downtown horses, but it's still telling.

The house is a mess—food on the counter, plates on the table, piles of Aaron's dirty laundry everywhere. Nika comes over for an evening and the boys stay up all night, then slept through half the next day. They go into town for an expensive lunch, then hang out at the park until dawn.

First butterflies, now turtles
First butterflies (1 2 3), now turtles. No, Aaron, you can't keep it.

The turtle of great romance, I guess
You can make out by it for a few hours, though.
And they do—and then they go home and fuck, and then sleep the day away.

Shirtless Ghost doing laundry may be the best part of this game
The next day, Ghost is responsible for about two and a half minutes before...
(How long have I been waiting to watch shirtless Ghost do laundry? Too damn long, that's for sure.)

Don't mind us, just woohooing on you bed during your party
Skylar invites them to a party, and Aaron skips work to go.
They barely make their hellos before slipping into Skylar's bedroom to have sex on his bed.

Aaron doesn't seem to mind when Skylar kicks them out
When Skylar kicks them out, Aaron hardly seems perturbed.
Instead, the boys sneak around to his back porch and stay there until dawn.

Sick Ghost and spoiled food
But the next morning the house is still a mess
and the food in the fridge has spoiled
and wet laundry has been sitting in the washer

and Ghost may be the only one who'll ever do anything about it.

I figure that the Silverman-Moore girls—Penny and Andrea—will be the ones to play around with new Generations content, as things progress with their respective romantic interests. Orwell has always been a little vampire goth boy, and Late Night means he can go from wannabe to the luminescent real thing. And, well, if you need Nika...

If you need Nika...
She's probably off befriending every animal in town.

Yes, Mr. Animal Shelter dude, please do come into my bathroom and thanks for the kitten.

Wait did someone say kitten?

You betta believe it.

Yep, that's Shadow
Meet Shadow.

Continue shameless kitten spam. Nika and Shadow is like a constant GPOY I tell you what.

More Nika and Shadow
Yeah I would totally wear that outfit.

Little kitty, big dreams
Little kitty, big dreams.

No, this is not Ghost's dog. It's just a stray that thought maybe if it acted like it belonged, it could come in too.

I don't even know.
It's just about the ugliest dog in the world and no, I don't even know what's going on here.

Nika and Shadow, finale (for now)
I'm sure that one day I will treat pudding pets with the same disdain that I treat pudding sims, but for now:
This is just about the cutest thing.

Fingers crossed that my game continues to function as well as it is now, for there is suddenly so much to do. It feels fantastic to play again, and I'm eager to do it all.

Ghost and Aaron: Master List


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